Poor Ronnie


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May 5, 2018
WPB Florida-Maryland-Pennsylvania
An old buddy of mine called last night.
His name is Ron, and he was well lubricated...:p
Seems he was out to lunch with his daughter, and he saw a disturbing sign on a telephone pole.

It was an advertisement that Ronnie Dove was going to be in town singing soon.
Okay I said and so what? Then he makes a big mistake and confides in me he was named after Ronnie Dove....lol
Needless to say, I abused him for 30 minutes with cheap one liners and I revealed that the old fool was still kicking at nearly 87 years old.

I told him he sucked and was a loser and his poor mom got in the last laugh. You could tell that he was traumatized his whole life
by this nonsense... I continued to abuse him until he hung up in disgust.

About an hour later he called up fully sauced and said hey bro I am sorry and I love you man.
So I told him I love me too:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:o_O ( A line I frequently used on my Ex fiancée...lol)
I told him I was watching a movie and he said okay.

I said as a final note... Ronnie, In light of the new information you brought forward tonight, I would appreciate it
if you would stop calling here from now on and I hung up on him....:D:D:Do_O

Don't worry he will be back...lol