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Sep 4, 2006
Phobos-Grunt is a space vehicle that was supposed to take a laboratory to Mars. It was launched on November 9, 2011 but had a failure. It now orbits the Earth and is scheduled to enter the atmosphere on January 11, 2012. Who will be the lucky person to soften the impact when it falls on land? You can track the orbit, live, here.
Well, it's not the first time that space junk is falling back to earth. Supposedly the chances of getting hit are super slim, but I still didn't get my earlier question answered: who will pay if this thing damages my property?
after finding out who's at fault vladimir putin will personally compensate you after he takes the money from the technicians that goofed up. poor fobos-grunt, its slim chances are now all but 0; unless it kicks in automatically it is doomed. both the russian space agency and ESA have given up; i don't think any human is still trying to rescue it. will it hit dirt or water?
Always wondered that. I imagine that damage from something US owned would be covered. Who do I call if this thing takes out my balcony? I love my balcony, lol.
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