Pan drop and fill, 4t65e 2001 Grand Prix SE

You do not need a new tube just the Sonnax retainer, I would replace the gasket and accumulator seals. The ATP should be okay to use, you can reuse the original gasket, it is rubber coated steel and better than a rubber or fiber replacement.
I did a write up years ago, it may help, there is a link to the magnet pdf.

Good Job! Thanks, Yeah, I've used the GM reusable gaskets a few times!
Yeah.......................I really didn't think I needed a new tube, but I did order it from rock auto last night, closer to $10.00 shipped.
Yes, I'll replace the filter anytime I drop the pan. I understand a cooler IS a good idea too. Thinking about that too.
Did you bypass the factory cooler, or run it in serries with your Hayden cooler?
Not splitting hairs with your post, but that filter was $17.00 over the counter from NAPA last year, do you know the website shows it at $24.00 now!!
No, I did not bypass the cooler in the radiator. I connected the new cooler downstream from the stock cooler.

Chalk up that filter price to inflation.
A few other posts said,
I would add a bottle of Seafoam Trans Tune or Trans X etc......and drive it around town for a few days never going far from home. Then I would get a filter and fluid for it!

I threw a can of seafoam trans tune in thru the atf dipstick about 150 miles ago. The color of the atf has darkened to a dirty red brown. It is not black or as dark as I have seen yet. I plan on running the trans tune for another 150 miles or so and then completely flushing the system.

After Seafoaming, I'd recommend a pan drop&cleaning, and a filter replacement

Do you guys think I should add the seafoam trans tune, and drive it about 100 miles, before I do my trans pan drop and filter change and shift kit?
Did you get a new pan? There are aftermarket pans for the 4T65 that include a drain plug, so you'll never have to drop the pan again :D

Sometimes they include a gasket, but their included gaskets usually suck, so use a Fel-Pro or OEM gasket with the aftermarket pan.

There is no need to change the filter. Even in cars that use a spin-on transmission filter, you only have to replace it if it's damaged.

You don't have to spend $150 on a pan. Even the SKP pan for $14 on Rock Auto will do the job. The fins aren't really that necessary, especially if you change the ATF often, which you'll be able to do with the drain plug.
Well, was looking on eBay yesterday, today seller sent me an offer got a Dorman for $30.95 shipped with tax, everything.
No, I didn't need it, need it, but WTH?
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Installing The Sonnax 84532-01K Transmission Lube Tube Retainer kit, does that go on the two lines that are towards the front of the car?