Overfilled engine oil. How much is to much?

Okay I travel travel with my job and today I got service out of town at Ford dealership I've never been to.
Mad as a hornet!
First thing is first. My vehicle specs 5W-20 oil as an alternative I can use 0W-20 oil. I requested to the dealership that I wanted 0W-20 full synthetic. No problem. They didn't have it in bulk so they charged me for 5 individual quarts.
The mechanic put all five quarts in the vehicle It's a small EcoBoost engine in only holds 4.3 quarts 4.5 with filter change. I'm only saying I assume we put all five quarts in because it is significantly over the full mark.
Ford always states in their owners manual to never overfill the oil and correct any overfill.

This is a 3cyl ecoboost? probably not a lot of wiggle room there vs a truck pan. But, remember vehicle engines are designed to go up and down steep hills which sloshes the oil rearward or forward - or side to side in transverse drivetrains. 1/4 over you are good. 1/2 over I would just keep a nose out for oil smells, or sluggish operation. If none of that you are likely fine.