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Sep 30, 2007
Good Afternoon,

We are getting an 08 Kia SpectraV for a beater and both me and the girl will probably have it at redilne a large part of its life do to our driving style. Service adviser recommends 5w20. Im thinking I will be fine with a good syn 5w20, 0w20, or even a blend 5w20 like Maxlife or Motorcraft. May even go cheap and use mineral 5w30 at 3K OCIS. Beater is a loose term as Id like for it to have some life in it to get a decent sale or make a good hand me down to someone. What are the forum members thoughts?

Thank you
100k warranty...

Follow the manual for weight, type and OCI and document EVERYTHING.

Any 5w-20 will be fine.

Take care, Bill
Originally Posted By: Nederlander75
"Id like for it to have some life in it to get a decent sale or make a good hand me down to someone."

then stick with a syn. I'd run a good syn like M1 0w20,and a good filter,run it out 7-8k OCI,you'll have a nice clean engine when you retire it.
'Service advisor' recommends 5W-20...what does the oil cap or actual car manual say to use?

'Service advisors' are sometimes woefully ill-informed on what people should be running. They are often the guys who allow 10W-30 bulk oil to put in a car rec. 5W-20.

To save money, if 5W-20 is called for, I'd use MC 5W-20 or another C-P syn-blend 5W-20 and run it to max service interval...most likely 7500 miles.
Check your owners manual for the Viscosity versus Temperature chart. My Hyundai (Parent company of Kia) says to use 5w20 on the cap and in the first few pages of the manual, but if you look at the chart for warmer months a 5w30 and/or a 5w40 is recommended.

Service advisers are generally dumber than a bag of hammers and don't know what they are talking about...

My moms Spectra has the same engine and runs great on any 30wt Dino. It really likes the PYB. so that's what we are using.
Thanks for replying. The manual suggests everything from 5w20 to 5w40 like older Audis Ive had so a lot of room for interpretation. FWIW my girl had a Preus on rental and pulled 32mpg max so Id say we will have our foot in it. A good 20wt should still be fine I think, dine 30wt. Thanks again.
I would use a 30wt in the summer and a 20 wt in the winter...
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