Oil using the Mopar label

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Aug 15, 2003
Ponte Vedra Beach Florida
My Nissan dealer is also a Mopar dealer and they use Mopar oil for Oil changes. They said it was made by Mobil for Mopar. I have 5000 miles on my Nissan 3.5 V6, (350Z) and had them change the oil at 1000 miles and again at 4000 miles. If I continue to have them change it every 3000 miles do you guys think this oil is good enough, if it is changed at this OCI???
If it is made by Mobil it is most likely teh Mobil drive clean in bulk.
Not a bad oil, but..

Heave yon detregents, which you dont need in a new engine and will displace otehr vaulable additives.
Also I seem to recall its base stock isnt all that.

Not my first choice for a new engine thats driven hard.
Not even my 2nd,3rd,5th etc choice.

Nearly every other Dino would be a better oil for your application IMO.

This 350Z is so low to the ground that I did not want to deal with changes but my neighbor has a garage so I think I will have him change it using the OEM filter and Mobil 1 10w30 at a 5,000 mile interval. This Nissan/Mopar dealer takes 2 hours to do the oil/filter change even with an appointment. Where my Toyota dealer has a quick lube service that uses Castrol GTX and if they don't do it in 20 minutes the next one is free. Thanks for the wake-up.

Originally posted by Pitbull:
This 350Z is so low to the ground that I did not want to deal with changes

They aren't any lower to the ground than a 97-04 Corvette, and those owners use Rhino ramps with no problems. I've got a set and they work great.

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How about buying your own oil and bringing it in to the dealer. I wouldn't use dino oil in my VQ35E. What viscosity does your car ask for?
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