Oil pressure 5w30 Pennz vs 0w30 Esso XD-3

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Aug 4, 2004
Well I'm now runnning 5W30 Pennzoil in my truck 5.3L (146000km). The oil pressure is below 40 psi at idle and about 48psi at 2000 RPM. It seems to me the deterioration of the oil, the oil has caused this, 3500km on it and I didn't notice this before. Previously I used Esso XD3 0w30 and had oil pressure always above 40 and just shy of 60 at 2000RPM, even with a winter front installed. I was more comfortable with these values. Oil pressure started to go after nearly 7000km on this oil. I'd like to go back to the 0w30 or even a 0w40 I don't know. Can the XD-3 0w30 be used year round? I've seen this before with the crap oil pressure and 5w30, what do you guy's think? I'm suspect of a 40 wt. since the owners manual clearly stipulates not to use 10w40, then you read the EPA documents regarding GF-3 and you see that manufacturer's are mandated to persuade vehicle owners away from oils not GF-3 by using strong language in the owner's manual. I get confused. Anyone own a 5.3L GMC and found an oil that engine really goes for?
If I read you correctly, you are saying that the Esso oil runs out to around 7000 km and then you get a reduction in oil pressure that remains until you change the oil. Likewise the Penzoil at 3500 km. It sounds to me like the oil is sheering back to a lower viscosity. So I think you may be running it too many km, but even the Penzoil should go 3500 km, one would think. The Esso, being 0w30, I would think is a synthetic blend, but if so it should have gone 7000 km. But maybe it is just not all that good. I don't have a recommendation for a different oil but to say maybe a synthetic if you want more miles per oil change. The Esso maybe is only good for 6000 km. The pressures you are getting seem decent. If you can maintain the hot 60 psi with a 10w30 you shouldn't need 10w40. Up in your part of the continent you are going to need cold starting emphasis. A 30 weight allows a better front (w) number without too great a spread. Synthetic is good for cold weather startup. Let's see what some of the BITOG folks recommend.
Thanks for the replies. I just changed the oil; used Castrol Syntec 0W30 the beloved GC, was the only 0W30 I could find yesterday. Seems difficult to get your hands on 0w30 XD-3 in the middle of summer [Duh!] Anyway the pressure is exactly where I expect it to be, over 40 at idle and just a hair under 60 @ 2000 RPM, fully warmed up of course. Just to clarify the XD-3 did have oil pressure decay at 7000km but not nearly as bad as the pennz. I probably could have run it some more, I can ususally get that stuff so cheap for a PAO synthetic I just change at the normal interval.
Hunter69 Any esso bulk dealer in your area should have the 0w-30 or at least be able to order it in for you. I agree with your comment on how cheap this oil is for a PAO. Can't wait for winter here in Northern Ontario, I'm going to switch to 0w-40 in my Dodge. Currently I am running the dino Xd-3 15w-40 and I too have much better oil pressure then i did with Penzoil 10w-30. I also found that the 10w-30 Penz seemed at least in my mind and engine noise not to last past 5000Km in my application.
Going shopping at Esso Bulk, I am going to get 15-40 XD-3 for remaining summer, I am then using the XD-3 0-40 full syn this winter for my Dodge Cummins. I am thinking of running 4 litres 0-40 XD-3 with 8 litres of this 15-40 XD-3 conv. oil in summer next year, full 0-40 syn in winters. This gives me great winter lube and a semi blend for summer heat protection. I was told by Esso that these oils are same basic additive package, would blending these oils be good for summer? if so, the cost is only about $7.00 more per change. Cyprs
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