oil for 08' F 150 5.4L V8

Aug 31, 2020
have had the truck since new, has 99,750 miles on it .
have always used 5W-30 full synthetic since new
uses a quart every 3000 miles, I average 6K miles a year so.....
I change the oil in April and October
you guys know way more than me .....could you suggest a full synthetic motor oil ?
QSFS Euro 5w40, QSFS 5/10w30, Mobil 1 0w40, 5w40, 10w40, Castrol 0/5w30, 5w40, Havoline Pro DS 5/10w30, Valvoline Restore and Protect 5w30, EP 5w30 or Advanced 5w30, Euro 5w40 to name a few. I have ran most of these in my 5.4l without issues.
I would run Quakerstate Full Synthetic High Mileage 5w30 or Mobil 1 Full Synthetic High Mileage in it and do not go beyond 5,000 miles, with a 5.4 3v you should really be sticking to the 3500 range unless you do mostly highway miles then you could potentially push it further.
thanks wlk +Furios - will do .....I average 3K miles every 6 months that's why I change 2 times a year
also rotate my tires(5) @ that time too
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my recommendations in order, any euro 0w-40, 5w-40, 5w-30 or Valvoline EP HM 5w-30, PUP 5w-30, Mobil EP HM 5w-30, QS UP 5w-30, castrol, or house brands; ST etc.

IMO, run the oil for 6K with Fram Endurance on it. rotate your tires and top off oil as needed at 3k miles.

saves money and time on oil/filter changes.
Rotella T6, 5W-40 is another good choice.

Since I am in S. FL, I use M1, 10W-40HM. Works wonderfully in my 2009 5.4L 3V, 200K miles.

With the 5.4 3V in particular there are a number of internal issues that generally require the use of higher than recommended viscosity. Leaks at the oil pump backing plate and under the chain tensioners limit pressure and flow rates to the cylinder heads and especially the roller followers and cam phasers. A local Ford dealership switched all 5.4L 3V engines to 10W-40 and 5000 mile OCI, and completely eliminated warranty claims. 100% success rate.