Motor Oil Weight for 2009 Ford F-150

Having owned a 2009 F150 with the 5.4l for 6 years (2011-2017), except for one quick trial of 0w20, that truck ran on castrol 0w40 exclusively during it's life. The 0w20 caused the phaser not to lock after a long highway trip and it stalled out trying to back up my trailer. That never happened on the 0w40 and it started silently every time on the 40wt oil. The suggestions of using a 40weight oil where you live makes a lot of sense.
My vote is 5w40 and 0w40 oils. Any brand and type is fine.

Its pretty sad that Faurd, along with other automakers, can't get their valvetrains to survive on thinner oils. Some of us keep vehicles longer than the payment or warranty.

Any blend media or full synthetic oil filters are good choices. You won't see me going out of the way for a Motorcrapht filter.
Well, I just got the oil changed on the F-150 the other day to M1 High Mileage 5W-30, at a local Express Oil Change. I would love to change the oil myself on this beast, but it requires 7 quarts of oil! That's a bit too much for me given that I have to dispose of the old oil, which is a real issue around here because of the ridiculous policies of our local recycling outfit not taking used motor oil. I don't personally do the oil on our Toyota minivan either for the same reason (it takes 6 quarts of oil for a V6 engine - what's up with that, the 3.5L V6 on my Honda Ridgeline only takes slightly more than 4 quarts!) 'Nuff said about that! EOC actually does supply Amsoil on request (for a hefty price, of course), but I didn't want to spend the extra $$$ for it on my first oil change on this truck.
So I just purchased a well used 2009 Ford F-150 XL regular cab with the 5.4L V8 engine and 143,000 miles on the clock. It runs well as far as I can tell, and the oil, coolant and other fluids all look good and are at the correct levels. I noticed that this truck calls for 5W-20 oil and is so labeled on the oil filler cap. Scotty Kilmer has a You Tube video on F-150 trucks of this vintage and engine type and claims that 5W-30 should be used instead. I've heard that 5.4L engines can develop timing chain problems when they get older and have higher mileage on them, and I'm wondering if a higher viscosity oil might help prevent that for a longer time.

What say y'all? What have been your experiences with these trucks? When it comes time for the next oil change on this beast with this mileage, should I put 5W-30 in it or 5W-20? I am not sure whether or not dino or synthetic oil is in it now, but I plan to put in full synthetic oil at the next change (probably Mobil-1 high mileage synthetic).
I have a 2010 model F-150 made in 2009 with exactly the same engine. I use the recommended MC oil and filter and I've never had any problems with mine. No cam phaser noise, no noise on startup or any significant oil leaks. Most people don't realize that the engine was redesigned and by early 2008 (Feb IIRC) Ford was installing the new design in the F-150s. I haven't really heard of any of the newer engines having the same kinds of cam phaser/timing chain problems as the older 5.4s. Also the much beloved 4.6 engine is exactly the same design as the LATE 5.4s and I don't hear any complaints about them either. A lot of the problems in the earlier 5.4 engines was due to the fact that Ford used a poor seal design that leaked and the engine didn't maintain adaquate oil pressure to keep enough tension and/or oil circulation on the timing chain and the cam phasers. Once Ford improved the seal, those problems seem to have disappeared.

I think the engineers at Ford know more about what these engines need than I do so I'm not going to second guess their oil recommendation based on the opinions of someone that I don't know.

(Ducking and running for cover from all of the opinionated BTOGers out there.)
Fordtechmakuloco on Youtube recommends 5W-30 in these engines. He primarily works on this engine and has seen what breaks in them.