oil filter location on '05 Ford full size trucks?

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Jan 6, 2005
North Alabama
I just returned from the Ford dealer, where I was looking at full sized '05 trucks. I got underneath a few to take a peek. I couldn't find the oil filter. Where is it on the '05 full sized Ford trucks?
[Off Topic!] Wayne, what were you doing at the Ford stealer? Back on topic...you said full-sized trucks. Do you mean By F150, F250, or F350? Gas or Diesel? The new diesels have a cartridge oil filter located under the hood. Michael
Michael, I was car shopping with my wife. She was looking for something for her. F150's & Expedition 4.6L & 5.4L gassers were all I looked at, no diesels. I'm thinking the '05's may have a remote oil filter mount somewhere near the front of the vehicle.
I had a Excursion in the shop today. It had the filter up under the drivers fender accessed from underneeth. It was a couple of years old. PS: [Off Topic!] Replacing the compressor and accumulater is a terribly tough job!
The oil filter for a 5.4L is underneath on the driver's side. The neat thing about it is that it has a funnel underneath which eliminates a lot of the mess. Jon
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