Oil Consumption has Stopped? Tiburon V6

I had a very very slow leak from main rear seal on Forte with a couple of drops a day and tried a few diff HM oils as well as a few Stop Leak additives to no effect. Then I tried Castrol HM 10w-30 and it did the trick. Hope it stays that way. Not a fan of Castrol as a brand thou they do make good oils.
you are such a buzzkill:ROFLMAO:
I agree that there's no magical additive to stop oil consumption, but it's a very outdated to assume all fluid additives are snake oil even when looking at proven results.

Again, not saying Seafoam and/or HM Synthetic Mobil 1 were the reasons to why the oil consumption stopped....but it did stop and those were the only two products that I have used in the engine.
So it's been a little while since I made this thread and wanted to give an update...
The car blew its motor due to lack of oil I guess it did continue to burn oil without me checking it, believing that it was okay. Rip.

Jk, the motor is at 176,000 (7k since the oil consumption stopped) and is still running great, recently replaced all the brakes.