Oh where oh where has my Trop Artic gone?

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Oct 8, 2005
Running through Wallyworld I noticed that Trop Artic, which used to occupy 8 shelf spaces is now down to 1...and of course it's not the weight I'm looking for.

I vaguely remember others also noticing this happening. Where do my other Trop Artic brothers find their supply these days? I originally bought 20 quarts of 5w30 so I haven't kept a close eye on the supply for some time...then BAM!...it's gone!

Any suggestions? Any other Ohio stores carry my 5w30...or do the Bandit and I have to road trip it to Houston ourselves?!?!?!
Find a Phillips66 or Conoco station and try to make friends with their local distributor and buy a few cases.

Then tell us his name!
Try Sam's Club if one is around. I got a case of 10W30 there because it was sold out at my Walmart. About 4 cents cheaper per quart, but at least available. Believe they had 5W30 also.
All my local walmarts are well stocked with the stuff. I will buy more in a couple of weeks when I am home just to have a good supply. When you find your grade buy as much as you need or wipe them out. They will restock with more if they are sold out. I Blame limited shelf space on all the nich oils put out by Mobil, Ashland and Sopus. All T&SUV M1 M1 EP, All High Mileage oils & SUV oils are good for is Bogarting shelf speace from the smaller producers. If you keep buying the lower priced products your store will continue to stock it. If people don't buy it the store manager or the distribution computer may decide that that is a good slot for some Mobil clean 7500 high mileage SUV special nich oil that the big lube makers are trying to buy shelf space for.
I will go forth as search diligently. I've only got 1000 miles before the one car needs changed.

On my many travels for work, I pass Wallyworlds on a regular basis. I will be taking many side stops for stock up!
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