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Jul 28, 2006
Calgary, AB, Canada
I've been reading the posts on this forum for a couple of days and I've a few questions.

Firstly, my vehicle is a '93 Mazda 626 with 170,000Kms. V6 and auto. I'm located in Calgary, AB, Canada where we can see 35'C in the summer and -40' in the winter. Motor doesn't seem to burn any oil and I don't have any oil/tranny leaks to speak of. I just put about $1,000 worth or suspension/brake parts on and now want to take care of the motor/tranny.

Car is spec'd for 5w30 oil and Dexron III ATF.

I just ran about half a can of Seafoam through the PCV vacuum line, added about a quarter can to a low gas tank and the rest into the oil.

I've also added about a quarter can of Seafoam ATF to my tranny.

I'm planning to have the tranny and power steering flushed as well as an oil change. I'm wanting to go with synthetic. I'm also considering a moly oil additive to help reduce friction and "smooth" out any defects in the cylinders.

Having said that, what would one suggest for a motor oil (was thinking 0w20)? Transmission fluid? Oil filter? Any suggestions for additives and "drive time" before getting these services done?

My biggest problem is that many of the additives/cleaners I see on this forum I can't find locally.

I'd love to try Auto-RX, but after adding shipping and the wait time for delivery,I'm not so inclined.

Haven't seen any MMO around, but I haven't really been looking. I'm also confused as I'm hearing that this goes in the oil and the gas. Most of my auto shopping is done at Auto Value, PartSource or Crappy Tire.

From what I see, Mobil1 Synth ATF seems to be a good choice, but how can I know that the shop will use it if I ask for it? What if they don't have it... should I go elsewhere, or substitute?

Basically at the mercy of what the service shops and parts places have in stock.
BTW... if anyone knows of a decent shop here in Calgary that can flush a tranny & power steering, as well as wheel alignments, I'd be glad to hear about it!
Actually with a higher mileage motor that is well broken in and loosened up, you should be going a little thicker, not thinner. For a high mileage motor that sees cold temps in the winter, Valvoline Synpower 5W-40 would be your ticket. You have excellent cold flow being a synthetic 5W at start up, and you have the 40W when the motor warms up to fill in the gaps. The best of both worlds.

PS. What does the 'AB' stand for?

PS. What does the 'AB' stand for? [/QB]

AB stands for Alberta a state in Canada.

Sort of like AR for Arkanasas and MS for Mississippi.


I would pick a 5W30 that you local shop carries and run with it. There is no real need to add any chemicals to your oil. Amsoil or Mobil 1 would be my pick, but any 5W30 would do the trick.
Well, since your in lovely Calgary, I would use one of your country's fine products, Petro Canada. They make some of the best products around and it should not be hard to find where your at. Use their synthetic 5W30 and their DEX III in your transmission and drive the car.
Myself, I would run any synthetic 0W-30 or 5W-30 in the engine. A synthetic transmission fluid that meets your required specifications will be perfect. I have found some transmission shops (read - just a few) that will run whatever transmission fluid you supply. Just call around until you find somebody that will do that or carries what you want. I don't know if you can tell after the Seafoam or if you checked beforehand, but if your transmission fluid is burnt don't waste your time or money with the flush. In my experience, in a majority of cases I have personally seen, once the fluid is burnt it is best to leave it alone. It needs a rebuild anyway, and the new fluid will (again, in a majority of cases I have seen) cause the transmission to fail very quickly.
I had to do some real hunting, but I found Mobil 1 0W30. I have no oil issues with 5w30 dino, so I don't expect any MAJOR problems with the 0w30.

Finding a filter was another story. I ended up with a Fram knockoff - "Defence". At least I didn't go with stock on my 626. A '93 Corvette Z1 filter will fit my car and holds an extra 1/2 quart, so I hope it works a bit better.

Also picked up a quart of MMO and a can of MolySlip E. Not sure if/when I'll use the moly though.

I've got a half can of Seafoam in the tranny right now. Going to put some miles on it and then do a tranny flush to Mobil synthetic. I have the PS flushed at the same time.
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