New Castrol oil for the classics! "Castrol GTX Classic" 20W-50

I got two quarts out of the clearance section at walmart i will use it in the mower one day.
All full price near me but for anyone else interested, here's the brickseek link
My friend who has a 2017 Indian Roadmaster used the 20w-50 Classic and it has been running great. 5k miles and no issues. He'll change it soon and said he would use it again.
Would be interesging to see how it stacks up against VR1 20w50 for example.
Overall VR1 is probably a better oil, made with a modern SP additive pack with boosted ZDDP and more ZDDP than the Castrol, also the Valvoline is mostly Group II while the Castrol is mostly Group I, I haven't seen a full VOA of the Castrol but from the datasheet I know it has less ZDDP than VR1, and VR1 has a good VOA video here, I don't know if the Castrol has any friction modifiers but the VR1 does, I can tell that at least the Castrol probably has SN levels of calcium and not as much as some older formulation A3/B4 oils and CI-4+ diesel oils since it's .95% ash but I don't know if it primarily uses calcium detergents or if it uses a calcium/magnesium blend like modern SN+ or later lubes.
I don't know if it's the best oil but I've used Castrol successfully for a few decades and my old truck seems to like this one so far.