My wife's "new" BMW!

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
Ever since I met my wife Lyndsey she has told me that her dream car was a navy blue 3 series BMW, and today her dream became a reality! We found a real nice 2010 328i, with the premium package and X-drive (all wheel drive), it's a one owner car with 50,000 miles on it. Dark Navy Blue with a tan interior (her favorite interior color too!) This car is in great shape overall, drives like new and the engine is so clean you can almost eat off it! Here are a couple of pics of it:
Don't forget the rest of the stuff that comes with the ownership of a BMW, the ultimate driving machine: Closed road course training. Cut everyone off in traffic. Act like a snobbish Dick!!! You are better than everyone else! Where you have to go, everyone should get out of your way, and when you park, be sure to take up tow parking spots, your the boss now!!! laugh
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Nice! One of the last NA I6 engines.
Yes indeed! Gr8 engine. I hope the I6 comes back after they toy with the 4 turbos. THe I6 has been a staple for BMW AND MB! The more I drive my 08 the more I like it. You sir, made a huge mistake. You will be buying BMW for the lady many years to come! I'd suggest changing the transfer case out every 50k and ONLY use the BMW pricey quart of fluid for it.
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