My new toy :)

Jun 15, 2011
Hey all,
I just picked up this new/used 2022 KTM 390 Duke last Friday. I paid $5010. Prior owner traded it in on a new Street Triple. The bike has 970 miles on it. The prior owner made some some additions, including a Competition Werks cat back exhaust, Competition Works tail tidy, Chimera open intake (airbox removal) and had the KTM quick shifter enabled. All told, about $1100 in additions. He also had the break in service completed at 700 miles at the KTM dealership where he bought it. I'm sure that was at least $200. I'll be adding a FuelX fueling module over the winter. I was looking at the owners manual for oil change info. The manual states either 15w50 JASO MA2 OR SAE 15w50. OK, what is SAE 15w50? Labels don't show SAE rating. I have some M1 15w50 and Mystic JT8 15w50 syn blend oils on hand. Are the "SAE" oils ? I'll likely spend the $$ on JASO MA2 oil, but wondering exactly what KTM would mean with SAE. I am familiar with what SAE means itself. Thx
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Beautiful!! 970 miles!! That's a weekend for me ;)

These smaller displacement bikes are so good nowadays. Congrats!
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Ignore the "SAE" part and focus on the viscosity and Jaso MA spec for wet clutch bikes.

I'm surprised KTM recommends a 50 weight oil for that thumper! I'm a 50 weight fan in wet clutch bikes, because they almost always shear a grade and maintain shift quality through the whole OCI.
Awesome. I’ve had my eye on the Duke 390 for some time… it’s not fast (top end) but it’s great on gas and handles better than any liter bike.

I’m partially sad to say that my moto funds were spent in August when my BIL passed, and I bought his 07 FLH in hopes my wife will start riding with me. The Duke still burns in my heart though, so maybe if the market recovers…

Beautiful bike! Ride safe, and ride often!
Congrats. I see tons of 2021-2022 bikes on my local craigslist with a crap load of mods for sell. Most have under 1,000 miles. At least ride your new bike stock for a few thousand miles to see if you even like it before you fork out money for mods.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan calls for 15w50 oil also. I guess Indian thumpers like that weight.
Nice bike and a good price, congrats!
I question the validity of spending money to add a bit of power to this thing, I would just buy a bigger bike, but I'm sure you will enjoy the project.

SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. They set the methodology and tests for oil grades. If there is no SAE symbol, the oil viscosity grade may be something totally different from the SAE standard.
They recommend those oddball oils so you have to go back to the dealer and buy their oil, a buddy has an Indian Scout 60 and it requires 10w60, I'm sure the only places around here would be the dealerships or you can order it online. I know Walmart and the auto parts stores all have 10w40 and 20w50 motorcycle oil on the shelves so I doubt you'll have much luck finding another viscosity in those places.