My new 98 Monte Carlo z34

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Dec 27, 2011
Got my car from the auction the other day. The old man who owned it told me the hazard switch broke off (at the top of the column behind the top of the steering wheel and ever since then he had to hold the blinkers down. What I saw at night was that both the brake lights and blinkers don't work. (fuses are ok) I assume this is one issue. Any idea what happened to cause all three out? Thanks
Not having much luck with this vehicle are we. That's unfortunate they have some great motors. Iv never had this issue before. But in my old Volvo from time to time (shift release button was kinda broken) had to press the shift overoveride down. When I did this from time to time my turn signals wouldn't work. I would just put the car in neutral and turn it off and back on. But if you you use shift override it might be worth turning on the signals to see if they work. Also might wanna try putting the car in neutral and pushing down the emergency brake. Might help your park problem. But I'm guessing you live on a flat surface and come to think of it Cali isn't known to be flat land.
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That clubgp link may not be relevant... It's written for the 2nd generation W-cars, the 95-99 monte carlo is a generation 1.5. Junk turn signal switches are super common and is always a case of when, not if, they require replacement. Happens with the late(94+) 1st generation W-bodies as well. Mine has been working intermittently since..... 2005? If you hold it slightly back while using the left/right signal, they almost always work correctly. It isn't too bad to change, but you will need at a minimum a lock plate compressor. You can get away without using a steering wheel puller if you can yank it off of the column, but they certainly help. has a good FAQ/guide somewhere, but I can never find it easily.
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