My Auto-RX Real World Test

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Considering it hasn't really had a significant amount of time to really do much with this caked on sludge, I'm not cutting it open this time. At the end of this second part of the cleaning phase I will figure out a way to cut it open and I'll take a gander at it and take a few pics. I will also do so after the rinse phase. I need to figure out a way to cut it open, I don't have a filter cutter but I may get one if I have no other choice.
Thought about that many times. Id just honestly go to ACE Hardware, buy a Hacksaw to cut Steel. Put my boot on one side of filter, and right down the middle. Honestly. I will be MOST interested to see if Oil STOPS looking like Hersheys Chocolate Syrup after some Rinse phases of A-Rx.. Thats always enough to make me think my engine has some kind of major problem. Though it runs well. it Scares the S**T out of me, MY OIL LOOKS LIKE YOUR OIL!! Also some people describe a "Rust" color. O was one, someone else confirmed. ARX is gasket Safe?
ARX is gasket safe. It is supposed to give new life to old gaskets. I think they are correct about this, based on my own experiences, with it.
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ARX is gasket safe
It's so MILD that it should be, which is good.
It is supposed to give new life to old gaskets
The word SUPPOSED to does not mean that it does, TERRY DYSON even said in an old post that if a gasket is bad he just replaces it. If your gaskets are hard as a rock, then do not expect arx to bring them back to life, and that statement comes from an arx moderator that I talked with a few nights ago. This product has serious limitations when it is used in an engine, I should know, I used this stuff for 24,000 miles inside my engine. If anyone wants the full story, then they can PM me.
Well... I have some bad news. My cousin took her car into the piece of garbage shop that she bought the car from to have them fix a squeaking pulley. The only reason she took it there was because she had a $300 credit. They decided to take the belt off temporarily in order to stop the squeaking until they got the parts they needed in stock. This would have been fine because it was the A/C pulley, but the other belt they loosened up/took off temporarily did not get tightened back up before she left the shop and the car overheated and the engine started making all kinds of racket. Shortly after this happened, I drove to the parking lot where she broke down and checked out the situation. First things was first, I check the oil and it looked fine. No burnt smell or discoloration of any kind and it was at the full mark. I then proceeded to check the belts and it was obvious what had happened. I took pictures for proof. Anyway long story short on that - They towed the car back to the shop and blamed it on something else and ripped her off. No sense in getting into details because I will only get angry again. The worst part about it all was that they (without her consent) drained her oil and charged her for an oil change. Even though, she had told them multiple times DO NOT TOUCH THE OIL. So, basically the experiment is shot. They told her that the engine had burned up all the oil...Negative, I checked it throroughly. I'm sorry for those who are dissappointed. It was out of my control and even my cousin's because they drained it without her consent. Might I add, they also repaired the car without her consent. That was a huge issue because it is illegal, but the situation is complicated and I would have to write a novel to explain all the details.
How many miles did you get out of the clean phase? Looks like you only got 1200 to 1500 miles. Auto-Rx recommends 2500 miles for clean phase, you only lost 1000 miles in the clean phase. Are you absolutely certain they changed the oil? Did you check the oil yourself? Sometimes these garages/stealerships charge for an oil change, when didn't perform an OC.
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I'm not sure of the exact mileage, but she still had at least 1000 miles to go before the oil was supposed to be dumped. It was somewhere in that ballpark.
I have not checked the oil after they supposidly changed it, but I can give this shop credit for one thing. When they rip you off, they still perform the service. Their tactics usually involve taking the car in for a service and then waiting a day or so and then calling the customer and saying "Well, we just wanted to let you know that your rear brakes are shot as well, do you want us to go ahead and change them for you?" That is the one they pulled on my dad without my knowledge. I knew the brakes were fine. I had put them on myself 17k miles ago and they were ceramic brake pads. They also said the rotors were shot. When I went in I asked to see the pads and rotors and they amazingly could only find one of the old rotors, which was is great shape. The mechanic fed me some line about when the brakes were put on, the emergency brake "clip" was not pushed in along with the brake cyclinder. Anyone who has done brakes, especially on a Honda, knows that no such "clip" exists. Honda brakes are simple with only a brake piston to push back in.
Classic garage horror story. Hard to find good help these days. I have guy that I trust and he lives 45 minutes away. I happily drive to see him once a year for the regular maintenance items I can't do myself.
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