Motorcraft 5w20 Spec sheet out of date?

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Motorcraft's site lists 5w20 (and other weights) as SJ specification. This data seems quite old. Anyone have newer spec's for this oil?
Yeah, the Motorcraft website dorks apparently didn't get the "SL" memo about two years ago. Same for Napa oil, as well as Sunoco I believe. I had a small business website a couple years ago, and even with my limited HTML skills, I still managed to update the thing on a regular basis. Evidently Motorcraft, Napa, and Sunoco work on the "Hey, has anybody reviewed our corporate website this year?" plan. Or maybe they self-review their site every leap year, something like that.

If you e-mail Motorcraft, it's possible they might be able to fax or e-mail a current spec sheet...?
Go to the ConocoPhillips website and get the data for the Conoco 5w20 motor oil. It and the Motorcraft oils are the exact same product.
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