Mobil1 10w40

Scottsdale, AZ
I e-mailed Mobil and questioned them on the 10w40 aand this was their response. I don't have the equipment to scan the data sheet if sent to me, so if someone would like to send for it and scan/post the info, would be interesting and appreciated. [I dont know] [Cheers!] ***>Can the M1 10w40 Motorcycle oil be used in auto engines? Could you send me the specs on this oil as you have posted for your other oils? Thank you. ***>You can use the Mobil1 MX4T 10W40 as long as your automobil only calls for an "SG" in the owner's manual. Please contact Mobil at 1-800-662-4525 option1 and we can mail a product data sheet out for you.