Mobil comments - GF-3 claim on SAE 0W-40 oil

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Dec 4, 2002
SF/Bay Area, CA
An earlier post (which I could not locate using the search feature) questioned Mobil's statement that they sell the only GF-3 qualified XW-40 oil. I queried Mobil on the subject. Here's the reply I received:

Q: Isn't the indication on this page (Mobil 1® with SuperSyn Synthetic Motor Oil) that the SAE 0W-40 grade meets GF-3 incorrect? Isn't the "hot" temperature grade limited to SAE 30 rather than 40? If not, why doesn't the SAE 0W-40 product show up on the Starburst section of this (API license) page? Thanks!

A: Thanks for your request. Mobil 1 0W-40 meets the ILSAC GF-3 (energy conserving) requirement. There is no viscosity limitation per se to meet ILSAC GF-3; the oil must pass the API Engine Sequence VIB Fuel Economy Test. This test was passed for the Mobil 1 0W-40 SAE viscosity grade after passing results had been obtained for the other three SAE viscosity grades as shown on the API EOLCS license Internet web site. Unfortunately, I am unable to determine from the API EOLCS license Internet web site the specific date for which the information is current; I will make an inquiry to determine when the site will reflect current information.

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