Mobil 0W-20: Release date in May

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Apr 17, 2003
Chicagoland, IL USA
Been lurking here for the past few weeks and I must say this is an excellant site! girlfriend owns a 2002 Mustang GT that requires (in my opinion to keep the warranty from being voided) 5W-20 motor oil.

I've been having her run Castrol GTX 5W-20 and a Mobil 1 oil filter in it since the first change at 3000, and since it is now due for another, I was hoping Mobils new 0W-20 was out. It is not, so I got on their Ask Mobil thing or whatever it is on their site and asked them when it would be out. Below is their response:

>I was just wondering when your 0W-20 oil was going to be out.
>No stores in any areas I've heard of carry it yet.
>Chuck Zmuda
Mobil1 0W20 will hit Wal-Mart in May 2003.


It looks like we've got a little longer to wait.

Keep up the great site!

Amsoil's 5w-20 is a good choice. My friend used it in his Mustang GT.
We have had 3 boxes of that stuff at my work for about 3 months now. No one has bought it and idiot Tire Kingdom bought us out so they are going to get rid of Mobil 1. Anyone need those 3 boxes?
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