Aug 1, 2016
The Mercedes Sprinter the the company I work for got me has these OE tires. I can’t find much info on them including TR.
Does anyone here have any experience with them? They appear to be an all season. My main interest is how they perform in light to moderate snow. Some all season tires do rather well an some very poorly. I know they are not Snow Tires.
I've got a set on our Transit 350 and they are outstanding. They've been great in the dry, rain, and snow. They are too new to get a feel for wear, but so far what little wear there is appears to be even. They are also plenty quiet and fuel efficiency seems the same as the Hankooks that were on it before. (Which were TERRIBLE in snow and not great in rain.)

So far, we love them.
When Michelin came out the agilis cross climate they discontinued a lot of LT sizes in the defender LTX. My guess is that since there’s so many work vans that run that size and people that really liked that tire they continue to make it but change the name. I wish they would make this tire in the size for the Ford transit 235/65R16 not the directional agilis which has a unique tread design.