maintenance parts/fluid recommendations for 12' toyota camry se 2.5L L4

Good that there is a service history

I'd still drop the ATF pan for filter change, magnet cleaning, and verify 4 magnets.
And, consider changing the coolant thermostat and cap.
Problem with ATF fluid exchange is they are too lazy to drop pan and change filter.
Problem with coolant flush is that they ignored the thermostat and rad cap.

You'll get another 50k+ easily out of the serpentine belt. So, inspect it regularly and change again when there is an issue.

Sparkplugs... they are done, no CEL's or misfires.... so keep driving on them for 100k miles since their replacement date.

Brakes are for inspection. If rust belt, clean/lube could be more often. And, bleeding every few years is smart too.
Weak brake can sometimes be cured with a good bleed. But, most likely, the car might have pathetic pads. So, that expense is on you if you want new rotors and pads. Toyota brakes tend to be ol' fart numb and boring. The best pads, braided lines, best rotors, best bleeding and the brakes can be still 'boring' but might respond a little better. One of my Toyotas is loaded with EBC yellows(**** good pad), another with Raybestos EHTs(ton of pad for the cheap price), and another with Akebono ASP pads(since the proact's were numb and boring like OE).

Someone who owned the car before took pretty good care of it.
I am back again! sorry to bother since the car was used, i had a brain fart and thought it wasn't maintained well, I called Toyota and got service records seems like the following was done. Currently got 133k miles

Spark plugs replaced at 106k miles
Coolant flush at 87k miles
Throttle body was cleaned regularly
Serpentine Belt replaced at 77k miles
Transmission fluid exchange at 82k miles

Knowing this for me now, I guess no need to do plugs, coolant, belt, or tranny fluid? Or is it still good to do one of these?

Im thinking of getting brakes done cuz I know mine feel weak, Pcv valve, air filter and cabin filter

Anything else I should do or is the car maintained enough for the near future?


That is a good sign that the car has a good service history :)

It is still worth changing the transmission fluid again, which will be 50k from when it was last done.

If you replace the PCV valve, get it from the dealer.

The belt should still be good. Look at it, and if it still looks good, don't worry about it. If it looks old, replace it.
I've found that Toyota OE parts are often cheaper than common autoparts stores. Oil filters, air filters, etc all better to walk into a dealer a buy. They're cheaper it is a no brainer.

1. already got the info on plugs so gonna do that

Spark plugs get them from the dealer, you probably will probably never change them again or maybe once other time if they are iridium plugs.

2. power steering is apparently electric so i doubt any maintenance for that

Don't mess with this unless you're having issues.

3. tranny fluid pan drop etc? any recommendations on which fluid

When it comes to transmissions use OE fluid end of story. That is what is already in there unless you've flushed it out. You don't change it often so why risk putting aftermarket in there.

4. any air filter is good? or need a certain brand

OE filter. Wix are fine too. OE filters are around $30.

5. coolant drain/flush or nah?

OE coolant, again you don't do this often don't cheap out.

6. fuel filter? or nah?

If it has one change it every 10-20k miles. It will save you a fuel pump in the future.

7. i know the pads are done for, not sure about rotor health. i guess better to swap both? looking for recommended pads and rotors

Do a full brake job, pads, rotors, fluid flush when you do it next. Its worth it. Lube those slide pins yearly or twice a year before and after winter.

8. should the brake fluid be fine or do i need to change?

Any brake fluid that meets the spec for what is already in there.

9. anything im missing at this mileage?

Not sure on this model, but if its got a timing belt, might be worth changing it.
Also for 20 bucks you can get service data for 3 days and print/download whatever info you want.

IE how to change trans fluid on sealed system on your car.
which fluids to use, how much, blah blah.

Its worth it.