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May 8, 2003
Rome, Ga
In some of the older post there was some discussion that magnesium in the oil caused an abrasive deposit and the calcium was non abrasive. Is that a rumor or what? It is evident that Castrol must not think so or would they have removed some ca and added mag?
Just wondering
Many of the HDEO's also have a large amount of magnesium, so I wouldn't worry about it. Sounds like another "rumor" which we have so many of.
I've been pondering same thing for same reason (Gold GC has more Mg and less Ca than Green version), so searched and read about 8 threads about Magnesium. I found that Mg additives of the past were different than they are in newer oils. I think this quote by MoleKule sums it up best:

"There are also different Magnesium sulfinate and phenate formulations, and the latest formulations present no problems. Like ZDDP, it still a low-cost cost and tried-and-true compound for most oils."

Plus, I think the fact that some top notch oils use a sizable amount of magnesium compounds (NOT Mg atoms) speaks very highly of them.
Interesting post. Mobil 1 Truck and SUV/Delvac 1 uses a lot of magnesium. It seems that the gold GC should be fine.
Thanks all, just had a thought about that and new someone here would have the answer.
VOA of Green. Mg228 Na 14 B 0
VOA of Gold. Mg620 Na 3 B 2
Amsoil 5-30 Mg 17 Na 4 B426

Its in both .

More interesting is the Fe 3 in Virgin oil. Green or gold. Why ?
"More interesting is the Fe 3 in Virgin oil. Green or gold. Why ? "

1.Rust from tanks, pipes, pumps used in transfer of additives and base stock.
2.Iorn wear particles from pumps and transfer equipment.
3. Lab error ALL spectro or IR lab numbers are Plus/Minus a small amount.
4.Trace amount of something in additives or obase oil non intended but there.
5.Additive reaction with steel tanks or pipes.

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