Liquid Moly Zombie Oil?

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Feb 28, 2010
Is this stuff for real or what?? Just curious what this "new technology" Never have tried this brand of oil, been happy with Castrol, but thought I would share it. Jeff
Yeah its all marketing hype, they are claiming the additive pack in this oil is new and will perform better than other synthetic oils. Dont all oil companies say that though? haha. Jeff
I would like to know more about this company and their products. They sponsor MotoGP and some individual riders. It must work if you’re using it in a race bike.
At least some Castrol OE products use a UV dye, too. Ironically, at a couple retailers, LM stuff isn't priced too badly up here, at least compared to regularly priced competition.
Castrol have it in their professional range as a Quality Assurance type light it and know it's the right stuff.
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