Legal violation by honda dealership?

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Dec 15, 2005
Ormond Beach,FL
We recently had a routine service of our Acura MDX done by a local Honda dealership (they will do all non-warranty work on Acuras). When we got the car home i noticed they had added KREX to our oil. This was not conveyed to us beforehand and is not considered routine maintenance in the Acura manual. KREX is an additive only available to dealerships and not to individuals. Did the Honda dealership violate the law by not disclosing this to us beforehand, particularly since we cannot obtain this porduct on our own. (Magnusson law?)
Legal? Good question. Probably they think they did you a favor. What does the dealership say when you ask them to drain and replace your oil, sans the Krex?
If they used the KREX graphite additive, I would be very concerned. If your manual specifically states NOT to add anything to the oil (most do) then you should have a right to require them to drain and refill the engine with uncontaminated oil and refund the difference. I would be in there tomorrow requesting immediate action.
I don't think that they can make you pay for the product unless it's written somewhere that they are doing it. I doubt it would break the MM act or anything like that.
Is KREX additive anything like LC20? I started using LC20 after the first 3000 miles on my new 2006 Honda. Even though the manual says additives are not needed and "could" harm the engine, it does not prohibit them. I use LC20 because of the excellent reputation it has among some very knowledgeable people here at BITOG. I also use FP60 for the same reason and I have been very pleased with both products. Before I found this site, I never even heard of these additives.
KREX is a graphite material that supposedly decreases wear on the engine. It is only available to dealerships so that they can increase their profitability. I emailed the dealership regarding my concern and annoyance, but, never received a reply.I'll have to drop by or call. Certainly this is a good reason to find a reliable, local , independent mechanic (not easy by any means).
I'm no lawyer, but I don't believe that dealership has a leg to stand on if they hadn't received your permission to add a factory unauthorized supplement at the time the work order was written up. What they did was certainly unethical, and may be flat out illegal as well. If you can't obtain satisfaction with the dealership, at least contact Accura division of Honda at their toll-free number and file a complaint.
How much extra did the stuff cost? When you signed the work order or estimate, did the actual price come within 10% of their estimate? If so, maybe there's not much recourse. Depending on your personality, I suppose you could either teach them a lesson (ha!) by demanding a drain, fill, and refund of the difference or just chalk it up to experience. (Now you know why they're called the stealership.) In my opinion, they violated the law by sneaking something unneccessary past you. But at the same time, you had the chance to refuse when you saw the itemized bill. You should fight them and let us know what happened.
Well, from one that had the same experience several years ago I can tell you it will take more than one oil change to remove all of that stuff. No matter who does it, I would get my oil changed ASAP. That's some nasty stuff.
Hate to say it, but this was your fault. How can it be your fault? Because you did not watch them when they did the oil change. Simple as that. If I can't see the car when they work on it, or change the oil, I don't use that dealership. Example. I once had a Buick and because I had a coupon from the Courtesy Group (Many dealerships in the Orlando area), I had Courtesy Buick change my Oil and Filter. I was watching and I saw the tech install a white filter. Now I know that the GM AC Filter is blue, so I complained. Turns out it was a "Formula 7" filter that small shops use for oil changes. Dealer said "Well if you wanted an AC Filter you should have asked for it, and it would have cost you more". I phoned GM and told them that their Authorized Dealer was using not GM parts. GM did nothing about it. (I drained the oil and changed filter after only 1000 miles). On another day, I talked with a "Service Advisor" at Courtesy Chrysler, and he told me that they also do the same thing. Done at all Courtesy Dealerships. Always watch your car. I now bring my own oil to my local Ford Dealer and I pay them for a Stock Motorcraft Filter and their labor for my oil changes. I've had no problems with them doing this for both my cars, seeing as how I use an oil that they don't sell. Bob 03 Marauder 02 Continental 01 GoldWing
Don’t know what dealerships you’re talking but most if not all will ask you leave and wait in special waiting room. In other words costumer access prohibits and they should stay outside due potential hazard and unexpected emergency situations.
I will avoid any Honda dealer ( there are a few but not too many ... Toyota is bad about this ) that pushes 3rd party products/parts on their customers. ( this is all btw in the hands of the parts manager ) Went to a dealer that is actually closer to me and simply wanted wiper refills. Parts guy told me they only sold the 'RainX' entire blade refill. I told him that there would be no way a new model Honda would need the entire blade replaced for years .... etc etc, ... His response: 'The OEM refills cost just as much' I left and will never go back.
Hondaman, Never again will i buy insert wiper blades just the other day i bought some inserts from toyota about 12 bucks or so it rained the next day and now they were choppy so the next day i went to auto zone and picked up some new blades now its all good. Its eaiser to replace the whole thing than just the insert.
Fooling w/ refils is a PITA. Why not replace the whole thing if it's good quality? I did the same thing on my Honda. I kept the Honda blades in case the new ones didn't work as well but they did. Anyway, THIS is why I did the 2 courtesy OCI's at the Honda dealer and never graced it again. Hey, according to some people on here, Honda service techs are the end all be all and if they give you a wink and tell you Wesson oil is okay to use, you go with it. You dare question their use of an additive? Sorry, I shouldn't post when I'm sleepy. [No no] [Happy]
Contact Acura and get them involved. Make sure you let everyone know you don't want your warranty put at risk for something you did not approve. Get them to change the oil and filter. You need to keep good records on everything done. You might want to go to an Acura dealer to see if you need to have the oil changed a third time to get that stuff out. You have to go after this, because they will do the same to you if there is a problem in the future. An employee at my shop had a warranty and the dealer really came after him. They made a lot of claims and said he was totally at fault. This was a young man with his first car. I went back with him and we settled it in one visit. I was angry beyond words with that cheap shot dealer. We got the factory involved and took the car to another dealer to get the work done. If my employee would have backed down the slightest, he would have paid the whole bill himself. I made sure that everyone paid attention to the facts and gave the dealer no way out. Your problem may seem like little or nothing, but get it documented and get that oil and filter changed, all with the knowledge of the factory.
Sigh. This is why I have changed my own oil for 20 years now and will continue to do so until I can't turn the socket anymore.
I don't see how they have done anything illegal. Buyer went in for oil and filter change. Do they have to provide every detail about how they do that? Maybe they should have to disclose in advance that they will use a Snap-On wrench to take off the drain plug... or that they will wipe the pan with a Brawny towel instead of a Bounty. As long as they didn't charge more than the advertised price. Buyer beware. In the future, I would tell them to keep that stuff away and if I planned to continue to use their services, I would ask them to dump and refill this soup.
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