Laughs on ME!!

I've had some rough but truly hilarious moments over the last few weeks. I laugh at myself often. Figured I'd share.

We received 26" of snow. My dryer vent, vents out a mudroom with a useless door to the deck. I had a load of laundry in the dryer. I finished the usual 3.5 miles walk and thought, Oh no, dryer vent covered in snow. Better get the shovel. Like most New Englander boy's would, I grabbed the shovel, remaining in shorts and T-Shirt and sneakers. I finally used that useless mudroom door. I shoveled what I need to and went to get inside.....DOOR LOCKED! That's an Oh XXXX moment. I had to wade through 2ft of snow through the deck, down a flight of stairs to a landing, and down another set of stairs, and then through the back yard to where I have a spare key hidden. That was a cold and wet endeavor! Thank God the key was still there. One of my kids had used it a week earlier. I would have been locked out of my house for about 2hrs if the key wasn't there.

Deck Snow.jpg

This past Monday we had some drizzle that ended up freezing. Not a lot but enough, the serious freezing rain was coming later that night. We are a family that if you commit to a sport or an activity, you show up and do your best. Went to leave with my 9 year old daughter for dance class at 6pm. They have in-person Dance but no spectators due to COVID. So, I was prepared! Samsung tablet, cell phone, coffee in an open cup. First step out of the garage foot slips and I fall like a cartoon character. Right on my arse!! I think every drop of my coffee landed on my jeans! My daughter was behind me. She first asks, "Are you Ok?" Then, classic 9 year old girl, "Dad, I'm really glad you went first. I woulda fallen even worse!" I was laughing so hard I didn't even realize I smacked my head a bit when I fell. I was lucky there, it was not a heavy hit.

I didn't realize how dangerous it is at home ;)

Hope you all had a good laugh.
Ha! Glad you're ok.

I was hiking once and on a patch of ice I was watching the dog slip and slide, thinking, this is kinda slipper---ouch! I did whack my head that time and I've taken to carrying slip-on studs, no sense braining myself out in the woods. That one was a bit scary, and I was maybe a half mile from home on a minor dirt road.