K&N HP-7000 Used

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Jul 26, 2006
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
So I pulled the plug and changed the oil a bit early, 22%. Then went and installed a Fram! But the reason for this post is the K&N I took out.... Took off the cap and all seemed well, looked nice. Pulled the filter off of the cap or tried, didn't want to pop off like usual. When it did come off half of the plastic cage was still clipped to the cap. Popped right off and I don't think it caused any problems as everything is held together when the cap is tightened in. So here's the pieces as they came out End view where this piece of the cage should be The cage is a two piece unit, neither end seemed to be bonded to the element itself and they clip together in the center as shown here And finally a close up of the element, didn't seem to be anything between the pleats to cause any concern Other than the obvious, everything seemed fine. Looks like it could handle much more than the ~12000km (7500M) that I put it through. Definitely the neatest looking of the Ecotec filters that I have seen and was actually a couple cents cheaper than the Tough Guard I replaced it with. I would use one again but I would check to see if the cage is clipped together before installing and would like to see this part bonded to the element.
The media clearly shows your engine is in good condition and the filter can be used for another OCI of 7500 miles. The media of the E430 cartridge filter was similar to yours after 12k miles, I always replace oil filter in that car at every oil change of 12-13k miles, but I reused it at the last oil change. Since the filter holder is on top of the engine, I can remove the filter holder to check it in less than 1 minutes, I plan to do it every 3-4 months this time.
I am going to consider this as well. Don't recall any Ecotec filters that have been posted that looked distressed lets say. For sure none that I have used personally. Seems easy enough to have one on hand to pop in if something doesn't look right.
The cage got stuck to filter housing also when I removed the HP7000 from my friends Saturn. It looked fine though.
I looks like the center core is supposed to separate (?).
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