Is PUP 0w-20 available anywhere in Western PA or on via mail order at a reasonable price?

Mar 6, 2021
This thread is about PUP. While her, I was looking at that be wPennzpil full synthetic. Yeah it's a so called base full synthetic oil. I see it meets the Ford specs I need it to. I liked the price. Thinking about using it. 5qt jig was $18 at Walmart. it's almost the same price as Motorcraft oil in 5qt. Hard to beat that price for any full synthetic oil.
I use it for my wifes 17' JGC and my truck. Both are around 5-7k OCI's so its perfect for that
Jul 23, 2014
Houston, TX
my bad, The black label fooled me. Sneaky sneaky.

Now what is the Full Synthetic vs PP and PUP?
Hi @danez_yoda, Pennzoil recognizes that more automotive manufacturers (OEMs) are recommending the use of synthetic motor oil in their vehicles to comply with latest industry standards and environmental regulations. These vehicles are running on smaller more efficient engines with newer technologies such as turbochargers, gasoline direct injection, variable valve timing, and timing chains. To reliably protect these new complex engines a synthetic motor oil is generally recommended.

Pennzoil introduced a full synthetic motor oil for motorists making the transition from conventional or synthetic blend motor oil to a full synthetic motor oil or considering use of a branded full synthetic product. There are many benefits of using a full synthetic product compared to a conventional and synthetic blend motor oil. Pennzoil Full Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated to provide 40% better performance than conventional motor oil*. You can learn more about Pennzoil Full Synthetic motor oil by visiting our website:

*Compared to Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil

Thank you!

The Pennzoil Team
Jul 18, 2009
Thanks pennzoil team. my sneaky sneaky comment is the bottle with the black label was only for ultra platinum for the last few years. regular platinum has a silver label and of course yellow bottle is yellow. My gripe is i could have easily grabbed the black labled bottle and thought i was getting ultra at a great price when in-fact i was getting an entry level synthetic. im sure its a fine oil and i have been a pennzoil fan since the 90s but didnt like being fooled by two different products that look very similar but are on different ends of the performance scale.
Jul 23, 2021
Going to have to give this oil a try. I know my Ram & Baja purrr on the QSUD 5W30 and would to think the same with the Acura in the flavor you posted....

@BAJA_05 Look at your local Walmarts first, and maybe use Brickseek. There's a thread about this oil being on clearance for as low as $5 per 5 qt. jug. Yes, it's true.

I've bought out all local Walmarts that had it clearanced and have hundreds of quarts of this QS oil. I put it in 3 vehicles so far and it runs great. This QS has a good reputation on BITOG as well, and VOAs appear really good from what I've seen. Part of my stash, and the rest is spread around my garage due to space limitations on shelving!

Also, those boxes of M1 HM 5w20 were on Walmart clearance, about $1.50 per qt. And check your local Advanced Auto for any remaining free Carquest fluids. Literally free. I scored hundreds of qts of free fluids, including lots of 0w20.


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