Is it safe to buy 6 year old tires?

I'm curious as if it is safe to buy 6 year old tires.

My car has sat since March of 2019 in the possession of couple people. One of them noticed the driver front tire was leaking air and took it off to be repaired and never put it back on and lost the wheel and tire. The tire was brand new and the wheel was in good shape. Both front tires were only a month old when I went away.

I'm going to have to buy a new wheel and tire but I'm wondering if these tires are safe to buy; they look in good shape for being made in week 28 of 2015:

I can use the other tire for my spare steelie wheel that currently has dextero junk on it. The tires have been discontinued - When I called the dealership to see if they still had them in stock the sales lady panicked when I opted to go elsewhere when she informed me they couldn't get them for me and told me if I changed my mind to ask for her personally and she would give me a personal discount. Must be hard up for business.

Anywho, With winter coming up I'd rather have matching tires on both axles. My only option now is to either buy two new Pirelli P4's from the dealer I mentioned to put on the front or to chance these two P7 All Season Plus tires that are 6 years old. However given how much better the P7's handle I'd prefer them if they're still safe.
I would run them. Check sidewalls for cracks. I think ten years is the max. Tire technology has come a long ways.
I would run them. Check sidewalls for cracks. I think ten years is the max. Tire technology has come a long ways.
So has "being cheap" on the part of the bean-counters. The preservative in the rubber that keeps it from cracking is expensive so they use as little as possible, and the "tech" is knowing just how little you can get away with.

The context of the OPs question is related to purchasing 6-year old tires sight unseen, which is a different scenario than just running some you already have.
Just to update I've decided to go with Pirelli Cinturato All Season Plus II tire on that one corner, I already ordered the replacement wheel.
I can let yall know. Next spring im installing 2005 date code new old stock police tires on my car and will let you know if I have any issues. They were free and mint on brand new rims so i cannot say no........
Jethro, Do you do a burnout from every stoplight?

Everything my county is chip n seal, and the town I live in is applying it to low traffic city streets when they need resurfacing. They simply get cut down to nothing in no time.