Information need on Canadian Tire Formula 1 Synthetic?

Nova Scotia
I have been using Canadian Tire Formula 1 Synthetic for the past 6 years. Previous to that I had been using Mobil 1 that I purchased from an Esso bulk dealer. From what I know, Esso and Mobil are the same company. This dealer stopped stocking the Mobil 1 and started selling Esso SuperFlo synthetic . It was cheaper and I made the assumption that the SuperFlo was likely Mobil 1 repackaged. Another 2 years passed and I then noticed Canadian Tire Formula 1 (labeled as a 'Full Syntheic') and on the label it stated 'made by Esso'. It was cheaper yet, and I made the assumption that Esso likely wasn't making three qualities of 'synthetic', so it could very well be Mobil 1 also. The Canadian Tire Formula 1 bottle no longer makes any reference to Esso. Does anyone have any information on where the Formula 1 synthetic ranks on the quality scale? Until I read some of the posts on this site, I was unaware that an oil labeled as a 'Full Synthetic' may actually have some dino oil base stock.


Edmonton, AB Canada
Hey Blue Noser.... [Big Grin] As a fellow Maritimer I couldn't leave you blowing in the wind without a response. I can't, however give you an answer. I'm betting there are very few people who have ever used Formula 1 Synthetic on this site. You might have to be the first person to do a VOA and UOA on Crappy Tire's finest. I wonder how many Canucks are members? Can anyone tell me? GO [Canada] and [Cheers!] to [Patriot]


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Guelph, Ontario
Canadian Tire now gets it's oil from Shell. This happened about 2 or 3 years ago. I used to believe that CT synthetic was Mobil 1, but in fact it used to be Esso Superflo. Those were two different oils. Superflo was out long before Mobil and Exxon merged.