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Feb 25, 2005
North Jersey
Today I was at the local Quick Chek buying a soda when I see this 60-ish guy buying 5 quarts of "Road Power" 10W-30 oil for $2.99 each. I casually asked him "Is that stuff any good," and he told me it was the best. He puts it in his 2.7L Dodge Intrepid (sludge monster) every 3,000 miles. He has 27k on the car now.

When I asked him what filter he uses, I expected the orange answer. However, he replied "today's cars keep the oil so clean that an oil filter lasts 100,000 miles."

"Road Power" is a dino made by Salado Oil Company of Texas. It is SL and GF-3 rated. At $2.99/quart has to be the most overpriced thing I've ever seen. But there was no telling this guy.

"Retailers who support control label items understand that consumers are satisfied with a perceived bargain price when purchasing. The retailer has increased category profits and has provided the consumer a quality offering at a valued price."

Are they hinting that people will buy no-name products at inflated prices because they've been conditioned to think that no-name products are always cheaper??
Good find Brian. It's amazing that companies can get away with this.

By the way, the product was called "Road Tech" not "Road Power" as I initially wrote. I thought that this would be selling for about 59 cents, but I saw it ring up $2.99 each. At least it wasn't non-detergent, as I've seen in similar situations.

On another page, the list the "national brand" equivalant as "Supra Tech". Do they mean "Supertech", which is Walmart's brand, not a "national" one like Mobil, Pennzoil, etc.)


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Originally posted by netsfan:
However, he replied "today's cars keep the oil so clean that an oil filter lasts 100,000 miles."

I wish him luck with that.


quickie-stops generally have higher prices on almost anything. You're paying for convenience.

Like the soda that was about 5x what the price it is in a grocery store......

100k on a filter....hmmm. maybe it's a really big filter....
I'm not buying used cars anymore after reading several stories like this. I got burned once already on a used toyota. Anyway, when I got gas a week ago, this convenience store was promoting their .99 cent house brand non detergent oil. I wonder how many people pull into the gas station with a low oil light. go to the isle, see pennzoil for $3.50, havoline for $2.99, and the housebrand non detergent oil for $.99 cent. guess which one they will pick?
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