I have reached the land of calm

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Dec 19, 2007
Grand Caymans
Yes after numerous side trips to the oil isle in WalMart. The good old days of stopping at every Auto Zone on the 200 mile trip to Dallas looking for GC back a couple of years ago. After buying Terry Dyson and Blackstone all new cars through numerous UOA's. After many hours of is Mobil1 a real synthetic or should I go thick or thin. Pennzoil Platinum is on sale at WalMart gotta run.
All the above and more.

I now run Shaeffers Series 7000 in everything and sleep like a dead horse. I say hello to the land of calm people. They don't have a WalMart in the land of calm.I wonder what I do with all the PP/Chevron Supreme/Havoline I got? Couple hundred quarts. Does Shaeffers take trade in oil I wonder?
The donating idea isnt a bad one, in my area there are local church's that help disadvantaged folks maintain their cars.

Oil changes small repairs etc. Perhaps they have something like that in your part of the world?
I from experience try to tell all that usually any quality oil will let your vehicles last as they should. I would use the oil, up your engine will never notice the difference .
moment of silence for someone who has attained inner peace
local distributors are a good source for sch.
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Where do you get your Schaeffer's from though?

The Wizard of Calm. He is a distributor here in my lil town in South Texas. Dont have any in the Caymans. I shipped a case and some filters to myself and it will be there when I get there so I will change oil in my island beater (Nissan) here in a week or so for the summer and it can join me in the land of calm.
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I also endeavor...to find Schaeffer's at a palatable price.

It's hard to find it sometimes. I found one here in Phoenix, that sells it for 60.00/case, which is better than a lot of places. Not as good as Gramps price, I don't think so anyways.
Wouldn't the ultimate land of peace and calm be just walking into any store that sells oil, grabbing a few quarts of whatever kind of oil and some cheapo filter after you are 2k miles overdue, and put that into your car and sleeping like a dead horse?

I think you'd probably be saving a few bucks.
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I take pills for that!
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