Humor: Walmart Product Review

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Aug 18, 2014
Review of a memory foam topper on

I bought this in store and when I got it home and unrolled it, I was immediately disappointed. It was so stiff and crimped there was no way it would fit a queen bed let alone the king I needed it for. BUT I had an idea. I have a small steam mop and decided to make a pass with it to see what it did. The thing blew up like a marshmallow! No creases, no smell and it is very fluffy. It even hangs off the sides of my king size bed. I would think you could get the same results with a fine mist of hot water from a spray bottle and then letting it dry.
you wonder if walmart in any way tests the products they sell, maybe to rate some as good better or best like sears used to.
Wal mart probably just asks is it cheaper
About the only thing I ever think about walmart for is auto related products.

Every thing else they stock I consider as Chinese made junk. Now I can be wrong from time to time but that is my initial thought of Walmart products.
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