How much oil does your car use ?

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Dec 12, 2002
How much do you consider acceptable ?

With respect to the frequent discussions on how well/poorly the heavier weight oils protect, and the oft quoted oil consumption figures with the lighter weights........

How much oil does your car use ?
With what weight oils ?

4Runner Not detectable over 12,000km 5W-40 (syn)
Camira Not detectable over 8,000km 15W-40 (dino)

Biggest oil burner I had was a v-8 (253) Kingswood that had travelled 180,000km, 120,000 without a thermostat. It got to 2 litres per 5,000km. And I retired it.

Otherwise, most of the vehicles I've been involved with have consumed less than half a litre per 10,000km, with 10,000km changes of 20W-50 Castrol or Valvoline.
I ran 3K Jiffy Lube changes on a '92 Chevy Cavalier, and never added oil in 90K miles/5 years.

I put 10K miles on a Chevy Impala in 6 months using a synthetic 5W-30 and didn't notice any change on the dipstick. This in a mix of summer and winter driving, and the oil wasn't even really dirty when I drained it!

Maybe I've just been lucky...

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Let's see:
02 Accord, not a drop, 5W-20 Quaker State
93 GMC Sierra, 10W-30, 1/4 quart every 3K, 92K miles. Pennz.
90 Olds Cutlass Ciera, 1/2 quart every 3K, 170K miles, 10W-30 Pennz. Will probably be switching to Pennz. high mileage next change.

IMO, if you don't have to add more than a quart every 3K, it's a keeper. A lot to times you can increase your viscosity and that will decrease your oil consumption, but a lot of people don't know this. Like my Cutlass, 170K miles, I'll drive it until the cows come home. I'll probably auto rx here pretty soon.
My 95 LT1 Firebird used to need one quart every 6000 miles, but the last Auto-rx application fixed up the leak and now it's only used 100ml worth of oil in the first 2500 miles since my last oil change. I'm happy!

My wife's 2000 Civic uses no significant amount of oil at all in a 5k interval (not even 100ml worth)

Being as anal as I am, I find anything over a half quart every 6k to be too much consumption for my liking.
All vehicles except Jeep use Schaeffer 10W-30 Pao Blend....

98 Monte Carlo Z34 3.8L A little less than 1/2 qt every 3k miles. 87,000 Miles

02 Camaro SS LS1 5.7L No noticeable consumption at 3k mile intervals 6,000 Miles

95 Camaro 3.4L 1/4 qt every 3k miles 66,000 Miles

00 Jeep TJ Last interval with Mobil 1 SuperSyn 10W-30 2.5L This engine depends on the RPM range in which you run it. If you never hit the redline it will not burn any oil in a 4k mile interval. However if you run it at high RPMs and check it the next day it will be down about 1/4 qt. 28,000 Miles
On Maxlife my 3800-II is 5qts in, 5qts out.

On Mobil-1 my 3800-II is 5qts in, 4qts out.

This is in 3,000 miles.
2000 Honda Prelude,

Mobil 1 5w/10w30 - 1L every 1300-1500 miles

Mobil 1 0w40 - 2L in the last 5,000 miles
For my 2002 Acura RSX the lowest oil consumption was 1/2 qt per 5000mi. That was with the factory-fill 5w-20. I consider 1 qt. per 5000 mile to be acceptable consumption.

Originally posted by Jay:
For my 2002 Acura RSX the lowest oil consumption was 1/2 qt per 5000mi. That was with the factory-fill 5w-20. I consider 1 qt. per 5000 mile to be acceptable consumption.

Tell that to Honda.. they consider 1L/600miles "normal" for the H22a Prelude engine..
Unless you use more than that, they will not give you a new short block.. bastards..
MY02 Subaru Outback 2.5 ( speedo 74000kms )1ltr/3500kms on Mobil 1 10w-30
(Same car on Delvac 1 nil )
(Same car on Mobil 1 0w-40 nil )
Car now on Delvac

MY01 VW Golf ( speedo 16000 kms ) nil

MY98 BMW Z3 2.8 ( speedo 49000 kms ) Mobil 1 0w-40 - nil

MY89 Porsche 928 S4 ( speedo 113000 kms ) Shell Helix Ultra 15w-50 - nil

Heavy Trucks - Detroit Diesel DDEC4 - ( Avg speedo 825000 kms ) Avg 1ltr/6300kms over 3000000 kms

1991 honda accord (10w30)
uses about 8 oz per 2500 miles (i dont bother adding..mainly was seal leak at cam shaft)
has 160k.

1986 300zx nissan(10w30)
uses no oil
has 111k

1999 mercury villager(5w30)
uses no oil at 41k.

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I just did 5500 miles on Mobil 1 10w30 in my 94 F150 w/100k miles and it did't use a drop. I used to own a 94 Saturn SW2 and it used 1qt/1000 miles. This was WAY too much. I consider any oil in 3000 miles too much. Just my personal preference. Really, any oil in 4-5000 is too much. They are not designed to burn oil and shouldn't burn oil.

Quik_lude: Saturn told me basically the same thing. It started this consumption with about 60k on the clock. The service guy said $1200-1400 would "fix" it. I can buy a lot of oil for this. Do what I did, sell the POS and NEVER buy a Saturn (Honda) again. Works for me. When the manuf learn that they can't pawn junk on us they'll quit doing it.

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Well it's not ALL Hondas that burn so much oil.. Just the H22a line, and the consumption varies of course.. but some people had it real bad, 1L/600 miles..
Others like me have it better, if 2L/5000miles can be considered "better"
Keep in mind this is a very high strung, high revving engine with VTEC. Still no excuse for a bad
vtec really hits oil, not to mention fuel. i know a guy with a heavely tuned integra gsr that needed a whole qt every week. he always hit vtec and that car was not no joke, turbo...cams...ignition u name it. kinda sucked cause he ran synthetic, mobil 1 10w30. ran a good quarter mile though, i forgot the time.

he also had a vfac that controlls the vtec..i think thats what its called. u can allow vtec to hit earlier.

i dont mind my car only using a little bit, i do alot of high revvs. probably going to head back to penzoil or actually castrol high milage or something instead of going cheap 1.08/qt

..sorry kinda off topic
I have never had a car or truck burn more then 1/2 a quart per 3000 miles with Dino or synthetic. The one exception to this was when I tried Mobile Drive Clean dino. My old truck went through 4 quarts in less then 3000 miles. I drained and refilled with another brand it was either castrol or Delvac and it did not burn a drop!
99 Jeep Cherokee 64,000 miles...01 Wrangler 36,000 miles...both the 4.0L straight oil useage that I can see...never add any between changes anywho
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