How much does time between changes matter?

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Aug 1, 2003
I have a 95 Lexus ( 95,000 miles) with the V8 ( conventional oil) which is seldom driven except primarily for a road trip or two. So I put about 5,000 miles a year on it. All miles are highway. And a '92 Nissan Maxima ( 85,000 miles and Mobil 1)which is used as my winter car. this is also driven exclusively on the highway. So both cars sit for extended periods with few miles. 1. Should I be changing oil every 3 months even with virtually no mileage driven? if not every 3 months then how often? 2. Is there a particular type of oil that would stand up better to this routine? Would a synthetic be a better choice for the Lexus? Thanks in advance for your advise. John
For me the key is whether you heat the oil up to operating temp over 75%of the time you start it from a cold start. If yes, which is true for most of my cars, I can go one year. I have one I put less then 3000/year another about 10,000 and another 8-12,000. I go one year on two of them (you may or may not decide to change the filter at 6 months) and have the oil analyzed to see if that works. It works for me, been doing this a few years now. Has to be synthetic oil IMO but easily doable. Now, if you live in a very cold climate for winter months and you do not heat up the oil then a winter summer change schedule may be in order, say Nov and April
I would do one year with M-1. I have done one year drains with a Honda that only got maybe 1000 miles a year since I had a company car. That was with Chevron dino and no filter changes. No harm done, now I am putting 400 miles a week and this car is just fine.
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