How evil, crazy and screwed up can 1 guy be?

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
So he killed his wife, lied about it. The he blows up his house killing him & his kids who were just brought to his house. Now, autopsy finds the kids were chopped at the neck, and suffered carbon monoxide poisoning before the house exploded. Link to story He wouldn't make it past day #1 in a jail.
Yeah, the dumb cops in this state couldn't find anything to hold him when this whole thing started a few years ago. Even though everyone and their brother know he killed his wife. This story just get sicker and sicker. IMO the system really droped the ball on this one, and in the process let a killer kill two kids. He should have been sitting in jail with he's missed up dad.
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I don't want to call them dumb cops just yet. People would be calling for their heads if they arrested him and then when they went to court weren't able to prove anything. Yes it is a terrible thing, but without evidence that will hold up in court there is little they can do. I rather doubt that the case workers and the police are any less upset than anybody else. They were probably also saying we know the guy is nuts and did it, but we can't find that piece of evidence to prove it.
I hope that there's a special place reserved for these sorts of people... Some of these stories bring me literally to tears. (as if there was any chance that a father would be alive, whileever there was a chance to get their child out of a car filling with water).
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Hope the inmates at whatever prison he gets sentenced to punish him thoroughly.
Did you read the story? He killed his kids then took his own life. It was coming down to him loosing his kids and being charged soon. He could never handle jail so this is the way he took care of things. Sad situation all the way around. People all around here are just shook up with what happened since this is where he used to live with his missing wife. Bill
I saw the headliine when I went online regarding the hatchet injuries to the kids...couldn't bring myself to read the details. News like this bothers me for days.
I almost posted the link in the suicide by MVA thread, but couldn't bring myself to do it when I mentioned this case. At 53.5 I have become fairly hardened, but this one is so disturbing it wrenched me good. Being local made it worse. The cops KNEW he offed the wife but somehow they couldn't get that hard link. I'm not exactly sure why they offered him visitation "rights", but I'm sure there would be howling if they didn't.
To top it off the guys father, Steven Powell, has been arrested as a "person of interest", and on additonal charges that I won't repeat here. In addition, the father claims that he and his daughter-in-law were having a "relationship". These are some seriously sick, disgusting pieces of human debris.
It happened less than twenty miles from me. It was a rare, beautiful and sunny winter day. Sad. Being a local story I found it actually not all that surprising that this disgusting person murdered his own children (and wife). I really wished he would have decided to just 'off' himself and left those poor kids alone. Many folks around here, me included, believe that both sides of that family seem to be highly dysfunctional.
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