How does my plan of attack look

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
I'm currently running Redline 5W30 in my BMW V8 4.4L X5. Changed oil at at 3,500miles and also at 7,000 miles with Redline 5W30. I'm trying to see what oil works best with the engine. Come Spring, I plan to change the oil out again with Redline 5W30 but with LC in the oil. I will run a UOA off this oil change and the next. In the following order, I'm planning this also GC 0W30 GC 0W30 GC 0W30 - UOA GC 0W30 with LC - UOA Amsoil 2K 0W30 Amsoil 2K 0W30 Amsoil 2K 0W30 - UOA Amsoil 2K 0W30 with LC - UOA and decide then or possibly try out Mobil *SUV* oil when it comes out. Does this look about right. Should I be getting a TBN for all of my UOA test or just a TBN for my 2nd UOA of each particular Oil that I am testing.
So many oils-so little time. [Big Grin] I don't see anything wrong with it. I personally like the TBN (but then again I'm an information junkie [Big Grin]
Well, if you are going to try to make it that exact, then try to make the UOA's on the gc and mobil from about the same weather and driving conditions.
Looks like a good plan but why not do UOAs on all of the intervals? I'm a sucker for more info, and even if the first run with a different oil doesn't always show it's full potential yet, it's still good info to have. I just can't imagine changing my oil without drawing a sample of it! [Smile]
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