High Mileage Honda Oil

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Jul 1, 2003
Marietta, GA
Is the car have any leaking seals? I have a 94 Altima with 118,000 that I am doing an auto-rx treatment.

There might be some benefit to a high mileage formula preferably Castrol or Pennzoil, not Valvoline. If the price for the latter two oils was less than $2.25 then I would consider buying them. They have esters that help old seals and gaskets.

I would recommend the auto-rx plan first, though.
Hi there and welcome. Well, considering that you have been pretty diligent with your oil changes, I would stick with your current regime. You have been able to get many miles from what you have been sticking with so why change if your driving habits continue the way they are? Is you car smoking or leaking oil? If not, I don't believe a high mileage oil will be of enough benifit to justify the additional cost...
94 Del Sol,


I'm with HondaRD...unless you just don't like changing oil so often, I would not mess with success. You might slip a high-mileage oil (same brand you are using in regular dino) in there every 4th change, but I'm not sure I'd even want to do that.
My 94 Honda has 130K miles. The engine is still going strong and I have been using dino 5W-30 forever in it, and changing it and the filter around every 3000 miles.

Just looking to see if there is any added benefit of using any of those High Mileage Oils, or just stick with what I have been doing.

i run 10w30 in my high milage 91 accord. i just now started using high milage to see some benifits...i cant tell at all. though high milage helps seals and stuff....i did an auto rx about a couple months back and that really helped.

i change my oil at every 3k. i dont mind spending a little more for high milage...its only like 30 cents...

...oil analysis would only tell....yet i havent done it yet hehe.

You just might want to check out the oil analysis results from my 1994 del Sol with similar mileage. The Mobil 1 10W-30 SuperSyn is looking pretty good for me, under pretty severe usage.
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