High Mileage GMC Sierra 2500

Apr 1, 2008
Good morning, just wanted to share a cool experience I had yesterday. Was in need of a truck and a friend of the family let me borrow his. He has a 2013(iirc)GMC Sierra 2500 with the 6.0. not your average one though, this one has over 305,000 miles 😎

I know we see that fairly often especially on this forum, but wanted to share anyways. Also, I was shocked at how well this truck drove! Engine had plenty of power, transmission was smooth suspension and steering seemed tight. Original engine and transmission. Only issues I could detect was blower motor was knocking at high speed, and there was some startup noise could have been filter? Either way a truck had been sitting for a couple of weeks and did not make any noise on subsequent starts. This is a Midwest truck as well only rust was above the rear wheels. I'm not really a GM guy, but much respect here. This truck was awesome.

Little bit of eye candy for you 🍻


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A lot of vehicles don't need more than their value (or, especially, replacement cost) spent on them to get where that truck is at, in the shape it's in. The operator just needs to understand what causes critical wear/what doesn't, what's money wasted on maintenance and what isn't, and realize the manufacturer and most shops aren't the right source for information on how to get it there.
Startup noise is often broken exhaust manifold studs, the sound goes away as it warms up. 305K on a 6.0, that’s a LOT of gas…
Didn't sound like an exhaust leak to my ears. I forgot to mention in the original post, it lasted for about 1 second and then went away otherwise whisper quiet!

You're right about the gas he used to daily drive this thing and go through so much ended up buying one of those little sonics for commuting. So now the truck sits most of the time, but for a short while he was doing 140 miles a day 👀 MPG readout said 11.4 yikes
Those Chevrolet engines are notorious for lifter noise on cold startups even with low miles. The truck is only about 10 years old and sometimes it's the years that take a big toll on vehicles instead of high miles. The rear quarter panel rust is very common on almost anything in the rust belt. I like the 6.0 engines.