Hello!! New Guy Here!!

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Dec 1, 2002
Michigan, USA
I know Patman quite well and his fasination with oil and filters. Up until his marrigae to Dianna,
I'm sure he slept with a a can of oil and filter tucked up next to him!!

Anyway here is a question, I use Royal Purple Racing 21 in my drag race Trans/am . This is roughly equivalent to 5-30. Does anyone here have any experience with Royal Purple or would I be better off using a cheaper brand of synthetic. By the way I am a believer in K&N filters in the race car even before Pat was.

I truely enjoy the info here and must bow to you'all's expertice!!

Kevin Hinkley (HInk)

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Hey, my good ole buddy Kevin! Glad to see you made it here!


Tell the folks more about the Red Bird, and what oils are you running in your vehicles now, and what filters?
Hehe, I see you snuck in more info for us on the edit!

I suggest you might want to try doing an oil analysis on that oil Kevin, as there haven't been all that many Royal Purple oil analysis results here on the racing oil. I saw one on the 41, but I believe that's it.

You could probably get similar results using Mobil 1, but without doing oil analysis it's hard to say 100% for sure. Your car is a unique situation since you don't really drive it too much on the street anymore do you? Not with those crazy 4.56 gears!

And yes, you did tell me about the K&N oil filters a long time ago, but I was too pigheaded to listen!


Welcome to the Forum Redbird.

I can't say for the 21 but what I have seen off forum of the RP 41 it's a great oil. If the 21 is the exact came in a lower VI you have a winner IMO. I just don't see how a guy could get a better 4.99 a quart oil for a near all out race motor if thats what you have.

I have not seen any really good looking anaylis's of their street oils
Hopefully we'll rectify that when I get an analysis done on the RP 5w30 that's in my wife's car!

Kevin's car is very impressive, it's a stock displacement LT1 (still 350ci that is) with a heads/cam package, a good torque convertor, and those crazy 4.56 gears and slicks (or ET streets?) and he has run 11.9s straight motor so far, and I believe he's experimented a little bit with the giggle gas too and has run even quicker.

We haven't had too much discussion on here on what oils to run in a car that is strictly used for the quarter mile, with very little (if any) street time. What do you guys recommend? I still think that some of the oils that daily drivers use would still work well for him (such as Schaeffer or Mobil 1 or Amsoil, etc.) but what do you guys think?
Dragboat... the RP41 you speak of, is that Royals Racing 41 a 10-40 oil??

Thanks and thanks Pat for the kind words about Redbird. Do you know it's picking the front tires up about 3 inches and carring them about 6-10 feet now??

If you'd ever actually come over to the Canadian side to race the Redbird, then maybe I'd get to see it carry the wheels like that!

And yes, RP41 is apparently similar to a 10w40 in behavior.

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