After studying a lot of info here, I have decided to...

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Dec 1, 2002
Michigan, USA
Put almost all our street vehicles on the same diet of oil and filter. How does this sound to you all.

Full, 100% diet of Havoline Synthetic ($3.29 qt).
To filter that Havoline, Bosch Premium oil filters.
I plan for them to eat this oil for around 7500 miles. Would you recomend a filter change at the half way point?

Now the Redbird (drag car) will go on it's diet of full 100% Racing 21 Royal Purple and big block (6002) K&N filter.

The show truck, '89 GMC will converet to Havoline Synthetic but with AC Delco Gold filter. I bought a bunch (10) when Meijer had them clearence for $7.00
Too bad they don't fit anything else but the Redbird, but I wanna run the BIG filter with the aluminum cooling collar on her.

Sound like a DECENT plan oh masters of oil and filters?

So Havoline synthetic is that good? Been studying a lot of info here, too, and gathered that, of the readily available oils, Mobil 1 is the best.
Which Havoline syn are going to use? I see at our Auto zone it is $3.29/qrt. This is the "shell" (Eqion sp) brand. I would think the Chevron would be better. Let us know how you like it. Why not use Havoline in your race bird?
Uncle Hink, you should be just fine with the same filter for 7500 miles, you don't need to change it halfway through. It shouldn't be clogged up by that point at all.

I'd go with Mobil 1 over the Havoline if I were you though. The slightly extra cost is nothing for a rich guy like you!
Nope, no oil cooler on my car, even though it's supposed to have gotten one (according to my 95 brochure, the oil cooler comes on 3.23 geared automatics, which mine is, but mine doesn't have the cooler, thankfully, as it's more trouble than it's worth)

Like I said before though, CT doesn't carry that huge filter, so I'd have to special order it and pay $22 instead of $14. No thanks.
As long as you are paying that kind of money for a group III you would be better off with Mobil 1 10W-30 or one of the Shaeffer blends. I don't have a good feeling about using a Group III for 7500 miles (that's just me). I think you would be even better off with say 10W-30 Chevron Supreme at say 5K miles.
Redbird, I'm in agreement with everyone else. If I were going with a mass-market synthetic, I'd use the SuperSyn version of Mobil 1.

I would not have said the same thing about their Tri-Synthetic formula, though.

--- Bror Jace
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