please help pick oil/filter for my performance application

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May 4, 2003
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hello all, first post. Ive been reading quite a bit on here and, but it get overwhelming, all the information. About 8 months ago I purchased a 1992 Eagle Talon TSI (turbocharged) all-wheel drive, with automatic transmission, 79k miles (uses 1 qt oil every 3k). My plans are about 300-350 hp on 20 +psi on a td05-16g turbo, running on the drag strip, occasional road racing, while still being my daily driver. I live in wisconsin, so I was wondering what oil/filter combo you guys would recommend, running mobil 1 10w-30 w/ mobil 1 filter, am thinking of going mobil 1/amsoil/red line/royal purple, you guys think stay with 10w30 in winter, 10w40 in summer? and as far as filters, im thinking maybe going with a bypass set up (amsoil maybe) any ideas? Thanks in advance also, to help with oil consumption (I also have some lifter tick, common on DSM's) should I get auto-rx?
Guess I would worry about how hard this car was driven up until now and the maintenance also with the 1 quart/3000 miles. Appears a cleaning is in order before deciding on an oil which I would suggest synthetic, RedLine or Amsoil. You may wish to increase the weight over what is recommended in the manual, ie: if a 10W30 a 10W40 more appropriate to reduce comsumption. However, don't waste your money with a bypass at this stage of the engines life, it will not make any difference in longevity over the rest of the car [ May 05, 2003, 06:46 AM: Message edited by: Spector ]
With that engine,milage and oil consumption I would use a 10w-40 year around. I would use Castrol GTX and change every 3000 miles. I would not use the mobil 1 filter but use a better flowing filter probably purolator,STP,or Wix. This oil does an excellent job on older engines and just needs the more frequent change. If you wanted to go to 5000 mile changes use the mobil 1 0w-40. Auto-rx will probably be recomended to clean the engine but I can not recomend anything I have not used myself but users on this site say it is excellent on an engine as it gets close to the 100,000 mark. I plan to try it on my toyota with 250,000 to see if it seems to work. [ May 05, 2003, 02:15 PM: Message edited by: TR3-2001SE ]
Thanks for the replies guys. The car is in GREAT shape, i dont think the person before me abused it at all, and I try to treat her good. I could be off about the oil consumption, come to think of it the last time i checked it might have been on an uneven surface. Well its been about 1000 miles since last change and its only down a HAIR. I think Ill go with Redline 10w40, and get the 3 bottles of auto-rx deal. As for filter, why not bypass? i mean contaminants continue to hurt your engine no matter the age and milage... i may go puralator pure 1 (have used it before, just found out filtration is equal to mobil 1, with better flow, and cheaper.
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