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Nov 12, 2005
I have been looking at the spec's on havoline and I have a ram 3.7 and dodge says use daimler chrysler ms6395. The havoline oil says daimler chrysler ms6395L. What does the L mean? Can I use this in a 3.7 v6 without any problems? thanks
I don't know what the "L" means. Manufacturers love to play these little "spec games"- I suspect that the "L" version is a later version of the Chrysler spec, but don't know that for sure. I wouldn't worry about it, just use any decent SM oil- and so far it looks like *all* SM oils are pretty doggone good.

Yes, you can safely use Havoline in your Dodge. It seems to be one of the better dino oils around these days.

If it was my truck, I'd use 10w30 for our hot Texas summers, & switch to 5w30 after Halloween.

And since we all like a bargain: Havoline's $1.58/qt at Advance Auto Parts through May 27.
We're still waiting for someone to cough up some info on the Chrysler MS6395 spec - this question just came up again last week & I don't have a clue as to what it covers.
Searched Google, MS-Search, and Yahoo Search. Zip. Apparently MS6395L is DaimlerChryler's latest U.S. oil spec, but beyond that, the ramifications are known only to DaimlerChrysler. I suspect any oil meeting API "SM" is apt to meet MS6395L.
Thanks for the information. I just bought a jug of havoline 5w30 for 8.78 at walmart and going to run it for 4k. I don't think I need full syn for 4k changes. I have mobil5000 in right now and thought I would try havoline .
Stuart I was thinking about useing 10w30. I've been told these engines 3.7-4.7 have small upper oil holes for the overhead cam and need a 5w30. Would the 10w30 be safe in this engine ? The manual only states 5w30. I was thinking about warranty coverage. thanks
Just remember that I'm *not* an expert(heck, I don't even play one on TV!
) on any of this- just "long term interested".

Since warranty coverage is a concern, then my advice is to stick with the oil weight they recommend, at least until the warranty is up.
If something bad should happen to your engine, no sense in handing the other side a bone of contention.

I don't know about any smaller holes/passages for the oil, but it sounds suspicious to me- sort of like the claims of different engine clearances for different countries.
Among other things, my brother claims he recently ran some SuperTech synthetic oil in his 4.7 L Durango for over 25,000 miles- and knowing him, it was probably 20w50, or at least 10w40.(do they make a ST syn in 10w40?) He's now running Havoline Synthetic 5w40 in it and it's doing just fine.

For OCI's of ~4K, IMO there's probably no advantage to running 10w30 over 5w30. Theory says that 10w30 should be more shear stable, but these days that may be more "on paper" than "real world"- Havoline 5w30 has produced some excellent UOAs.

In short- stick with 5w30, drive the dickens out of it & don't worry.
I agree with you 100%. Chrysler just replaced the engine in this thing at 11,400 miles and better stay with the 5w30. The original engine had a factory defect of some kind ,rattling knocking on cold starts. This one is running very good with no problems. I'm going to run the 5w30 hav and mopar filters and be happy.
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