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After BITOG I started to use: -GC, ARX, LC20, FP60, Amsoil oil and filters, Motorcraft 5W-20, Mobil 1 0W-20, Delo 400, Rotella 5W-40, Delvac 1 5W-40, Gumout Regane. I also went to extended drains and UOA's.
Feel secure using thin oil in tropical climate for my diesel and got a better fuel mileage than before. Switched from Redline to Amsoil.. Feel satisfied [Smile]
BITOG helps me understand why oil does what it does. Although some folks are very loyal to certain products, it helps me to make educated decisions based on multiple experiences and hard data. Hence the decision to drop Fram, pick up Wix & Havoline.
I have always liked to experiment with extended OCI's. I think the last time I used anything less than a synthetic blend was back in 1999, right out of high school. AmsOil was one of my favorites, but with it thickening so badly I had virtually given up on them . .. until I heard word here that they had reformulated. My faith is coming back. I have also learned so much about the development of 5W-20 oil. I embraced it from day one, but what I learned strengthened my belief in the viscosity so much more. (Now if only AmsOil would come out with a 100% synthetic version!) Finally, I enjoyed learning about the GM OLM, another piece of technology I fell in love with immediately. I did not realize there was so much controversy surrounding it, but I love it.
In the last 8 years, I have maintained over 15 family cars using whatever API spec and grade oil that was on sale, rebated or cheapest at the time. Depending on the particular vehicle, OCI were 3-5K with no reported problems. Used about every house brand oil from every autoparts store and retailer and watched with a smile of those getting all excited about overpaying for some latest exotic blend from whomever. Hootbro
This site has helped me fill a void that I had in awareful maintenance care with all my machines. I'd like thank everyone for there contributions, from insights and experience, to theoretical discussions and hard data. Since coming across this site, I feel I've been increasingly able to decide for myself what's best w/o second guesses, rather than get tied into the marketing hype. I have gone from changing oil and filters twice a year using a well marketed synthetic (5w-30 winter, 10w-30 summer), to once a year with a synthetic blend (5w-30) - average 6k miles. I also have come to be more causual with loading engines until they're fully warmed and oil pressures (if equiped with a guage), has reached normal readings. I have taken to the heavier weight/higher oil pressure isn't necessarily better opinion. I've found some interesting books that delve into the once unknown world of tribology, which has vastly expanded my understanding (still nothing to write home about), that a good oil isn't just oil alone. My faith in using an oil that meets the latest API spec.'s is growing - even in a OHC'ed engine w/flat tappets. I don't think that I would have ever put samples of new and used engine oil in the kitchen freezer to observe flow characteristics, have cut open filters, or created an oil stash of various brands and weights. For that matter, I don't think I would have come across others wh've taken to and enjoy such activities either! The dynamic environment that must be contended with in the quest for developing/selecting the ideal lubricant/lubrication regimen is fascinating, and sharing the knowledge and experiences makes it that much more fun. To all those that help make it happen, [bowdown] . [coffee]
I love this site. Prior to its discovery I used to buy oil as I needed it. NOW (in my short membership) my oil collection has exploded to 114 quarts. Was 118 yesterday but the motorcycle got an oil change. Almost every quart that is on the shelf was either free or heavily reduced / rebated. The exception is the Rotella T 5W-40 that I use in the bike. I owe it all to this site and now I am hooked on shopping for oil. No trip to Walmart can pass without scanning the oil asile and the clearance asile. This site has also made me realize that a 5K OCI is not a bad thing. Thanks for all the help. Also thank you for creating an enjoyable addicition. I have to read as much as I can on this site everyday. Hopefully I can make some useful contributions in the future. Bill [Cheers!]
Might as well chime in.... --turned on to ARX --convinced in my belief that a 3-5K OCI with any motor oil you may so choose is perfectly safe and, in most cases, much more economically prudent --found awesome bargains on oil to increase my stash --tuned me in to paying more attention to my vehicles service intervals AND finally....and most importantly.. BITOG has given me a one stop place to have all of my (auto/engine/any other ******* thing I can think of) questions answered. Thank you Bob and all that contribute!!
I'm running Valvoline 10-30 Synthetic in my Buick Park Avenue 1996 and my wife's 1993 Chevy Lumina. The Chevy has 210,000 miles on it and I've changed oil once a year since we bought it around 125,000 miles. The 96 Park Avenue is newly acquired and has Valvoline recently changed in it. My 93 Park Avenue Ultra has 120,000 mile on it and has had Valvoline since around 75,000 mile. Now I'm switching to Amsoil. There is a guy up the street from me that is a dealer. I used to run it back when I lived in Nebraska. One morning in the winter it was reported to go VERY low in temps so I put out a quart of Havoline 10-30, Penzoil 10-30 and Amsoil 10-30 on the back steps. Got up in the morning and it was -50 below F. The Havoline and Penzoil just sort of well... was like grease or tar. The Amsoil flowed out of the bottle.. a look like molasses pouring out, but still poured. As the others.. they stayed in the bottle, even upside down. I'd run synthetic oil if the regular Dino oil was free for me! Reason? I get about 3 miles to the gallon more on gas mileage with synthetic. At $3.15 gallon here in Michigan, you just can't afford to put cheap Dino oil in your car!! [Big Grin]
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