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Without BITOG I would have never been comfortable running 5W-20 in my Honda and Ford or known what a UOA was. I now run 5W-20 with complete confidence. My confidence in Pennzoil is also increased.
I would have never tried Pennzoil platinum if it weren't for BITOG. Probably the same with Royal Purple 5w20. AND i learned the longer OCIs are nothing to be scared of.
After I discovered bobistheoilguy.com I stopped using Valvoline motor oil and started to use Chevron motor oil instead. I can't remember what oil filter I had been using-I think it was Wix. I had been a Pennzoil guy before the Valvoline, and then I heard all of this nonsense about Pennzoil causing sludge so I had switched to Valvoline (you know, in advertising, the brand used by most mechanics). I have since tried several brands of motor oil and various brands of oil filters. Since discovering this web site I have learned a lot more about motor oil, oil filters, and oil supplements. For example, a long time ago I used to use Tufoil oil supplement but I never will again. I discovered Auto-RX that actually seemed to stop a oil seal leak on a previous Saturn car that I had owned. I have pretty much come to various conclusions. For one thing, I think most brands of conventional motor oil are roughly the same as long as the brand meets all requirements. Even Valvoline motor oil is probably adequate if a person changes it often enough. The high mileage oils are good for older cars and trucks. I will probably never use a FRAM oil filter again. A very long time ago FRAM was my brand. I would go looking for it. Unless FRAM makes some major improvements I am done with that brand personally. I have pretty much made up my mind just to use Mobil 1 oil, a synthetic oil that is easy to locate, and do 6000 mile oil changes, maybe changing the oil filter element on my Saturn (a Saturn like the Ion has a oil filter element) every 3000 miles. I am an old guy and it will be hard for me to change to 6000 mile/6 month oil changes. But such changes will make the Mobil 1 about equal in cost to conventional oil changed every 3000 miles. And the engine will probably stay cleaner. I used to be curious about every new oil supplement that came out although I used only a few. Since coming to this web site I have reduced my list of stuff I would be willing to use. I believe in Auto-RX, I still believe in Lubegard products, and I am willing to use Gumout Regane and Techron fuel system cleaners. That pretty much is the end of the list. Instead of using some supplement I think most people are better off just changing coolant, or automatic transmission fluid, or whatever, and maybe switching synthetic products for conventional where you can. Auto-RX has proved effective in cleaning various things such as the inside of engines and transmissions. I still like Lubegard transmission supplements and power steering supplements. A Lubegard power steering supplement worked for me. If I do switch to using Mobil 1 and that is currently my plan I will use conventional motor oil only when doing an Auto-RX cleaning and rinse. Heck, I will probably use conventional Valvoline for that-I can find it pretty cheap. Also since coming to this web site I have noticed that the number of people who visit the site has come up from only a little over a thousand since I joined to several thousand people. I think that indicates the quality of this web site. I have told severla people, especially mechanics and NAPA employees, about this web site.
Started this site on Royal Purple and OEM filters every 7500. Now it is M1 in everything but the TR3 and 10,000 mile changes with Pureone filters. TR3 still uses 20w-50 Castrol GTX but Thinking about Delo 15w-40 at next change.
I was using Valvoline and 3000 mile OCIs. Since coming here my OCIs are 5000 miles and I have some non-Valvoline stash that was too good of a deal to pass up after seeing all the deals in the Product Rebates, Sales, and Promotions forum.
I haven't changed the oil I've used, but I have switched to a longer OCI since I've been here.
BITOG weaned me off the 3000 mile dino oil changes and Fram filters. Alerted me to the Pep Boys buy one get one free booklets for Mobil 1 a couple of years back. That encouraged me to stock up on M1 0W20SL and OEM filters. Oil change interval now 7500 miles.
Eversince becomming a member of BITOG family, I had been using Schaffer's Oil on my 06 Honda Airwave 1.5VTEC engine and recently switched from 10W30 to 5W20. Before, I was using GC 0W-40 fully synthetic oil on my 01 Toyota Corolla. I came to know schaffer's oil on a local car's forum. All I can say, it's very good s/s engine oil.
From info I got on this site, I was willing to try Wal-Marts Tech 2000 re-refined oil for an entire 6500km oci. I was pleasantly suprised - almost no consumption, engine was very smooth, and oil stayed fairly clean for the interval. Before, I only ever used this oil as a top-up oil, and even then, only when my cars had over 200,000 kilometers on them and were getting into rough shape. If I din't have an oil stash and didn't want to experiment with trying other oils, I'd use it at every 8k kilometer oil change for the life of my car. Long story short: BITOG taught me not to fear re-refined oil!
No not really have been a loyal pennzoil user for the last 10 years. But BITOG has taught me why the pennzoil/quaker state causes sludge is myth.
Frankly, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that this site has changed my life...really...my oil and additive choices, my maitenance schedule, my shopping patterns, etc....
I was never really happy with the UOAs that I got with Mobil 1. The decision to go to Havoline pretty much came from what I read here.
No. When I bought a new 03 vehicle (my wife's daily driver) in May of 02 and another new 03 vehicle in March of 03 (my daily driver) I did a lot or research on oil and oil filters. The results convinced me to use either Mobil 1 or Mobil 1 EP, and either the WIX (or Napa Gold) or the Pure One oil filter, with the oil and filter changed at 10,000 mi. What I've learned since joining BITOG last Sept. has, however, confirmed my oil, filter, and OCI choices.
BITOG changed my oil buying and changing habits. Used whatever name brand dino was on sale at 3K OCI with Fram filters (I know that I should be ashamed). Now I use Havoline oil with Pure One filters at 5k OCI. Thanks for all of the great info!
I switched my 05 Corolla over to Redline 5W30. So far I like the oil. My mileage seems to have improved slightly. My best in mix driving is now 5.8L/100km. That's only hair away from what the fuel economy rating says it will get on the Hwy of 5.3L/100km
To be quite honest, I'm not sure if I changed to my current oil and filter use before or after I joined this site. I used to use M1 oil and filters every 2000 miles (talk about a waste of money). I switched to Pennzoil 10w-30 in the summer and 5w-30 in the winter with PowerFlo, AcDelco or Napa oil filters. I used to use the Pure One oil filters, but Meijer's quit selling them and switched to Fram. The reason I switched to Pennzoil has more to do with what my dad does than this site. He has always used Pennzoil and has never had any engine problems with their vehicles. The body usually falls off and then they buy another car that they can just put the engine in. They have had the same engine in 3 different cars, I think. I have no idea how many miles they have on this engine. He changes the oil every 2000 miles. I drive a lot of miles and I need the engine to last so I am going with that OCI. By the time my truck is paid off, I will have somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 miles on it. Right now, it has about 82,000 and I have not had any problems. This site did re-enforce my choice in using Pennzoil and my choice in not using Fram. I also have cut open a few various oil filters (including a Fram from a neighbor's car). I have become somewhat obsessed with motor oil and other lubrication like differential oils.
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