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i used to do only 3k intervals with both syn and dino, now i push dino to at least 5k with mostly freeway driving, and i push syn to at least 10k with mostly freeway, synblend is anywhere in between. oils, i mainly stick to chevron supreme for good and inexpensive dino, mobil clean 5000/7500 for a good synblend (what i get depends on whats on sale, 7500 has more syn and more add pack), and mobil 1 or EP for syn. Sometimes i'll spring for GC when i find a good stash of it, and for oler cars/trucks i use mobil delvac 15w40, doesn't bog down like other HDEOs.
In May 2005 I purchased a Honda Ridgeline truck. I wanted to maintain it as well as I could and I learned it had a maintenance minder and OLM. I never had such a contraption before and wanted to know what the "oil geeks" had to say about it. In reading here nearly every day since I have come to these conclusions (which I never would have reached otherwise): use the weight suggested in the manual; change oil when the OLM tells you to (under normal driving, no reason to change sooner); use a good filter; do a UOA every now and then to be sure the OLM is not lying to me; use FP60/LC20 religiously; use Havoline dino (for my driving conditions and habits synthetic is not needed). These are the conclusions I have reached from the people here that know a whole lot more than I about engine lubrication. And I must say, so far so good. I sleep well at night thanks to BITOG.
Used to do 7500 mi OCIs on Chevron/Havoline Dino and FRAM filters. Mostly 1-3 mi trips too. [Eek!] Now, I use Purolator filters (only because they're cheaper) and the same oil @ 5K OCIs.
Yes. I used GTX exclusively for almost 20 years. After joining BITOG, I now use Havoline, TropArtic and Motorcraft. I still believe GTX to be an excellent oil, but I also know that good oil can be had for less money.
Switched filters from Fram to Purolators Plus and PureOne. Switched to Chevron dino for older cars with Delo mixed. Switched from M1 to PP on newer cars. ARXed 3 cars. Redline in manual trannies and diffs ( used dino before).
Used to use only Castrol GTX and Fram. Umm...I also did a Slick50 one time. Since I've used Chevron, and now Havoline, and Napa Gold filters, or Purolator. But I may try Rotella T-Syn one day, or...? I also started using Fuel Power and ARX. I also change my own oil now, not trusting anybody else, and I started thinking about such things way too much.
Yes and no. I was using Mobil 1 5w-30 in my 2.5l Sentra but now I've got PP 5w-20 in it. I plan on using Mobil 1 0w20 this fall. Our '06 1.8l Sentra will get PP 5w-20 this fall. Currently it's got about 400 miles on it.
Used Quaker State & Fram for over 35 years. Now I use just about any name brand SM oil in my Sable & Saturn. Also use Motorcraft Syn-Blend in my daughters Focus. But as far as filters are concerned, no more Fram's for me (I threw away 3), strickly MC & Wix. Thanks guys!!!!
For me, this site has helped me: -become familiar with oils that are the same brand, but packaged under different names -feel more comfortable in trying different brands and differenet weights of oil -loose the belief that more expensive oil is necessarily better oil -feel more confident in my previous belief that synthetic is not necessarily a cost-wise and necessary option for many -spend far too much time thinking about and worrying about the oil thats in my car;) As of right now i have pennzoil 10w30 in my engine and it seems very happy.
Originally thought Mobil 1 was the way to go; got coaxed into Redline which I am pretty happy with (8K-10K OCI) and now serveral gallons of Series 2000 are calling.....
Originally posted by mikemc: Oh yea, I use Motorcraft and ST oil filters now. Care to guess what I used to buy? Castrol & Fram?
I used to use the orange filter from Wal-Mart.Would not think of using a Super Tec.But I changed-used ST several times-now using WIX on everything I own. And yes I spend far too much time thinking about this stuff.But I'm happy.
I originally planned on using Mobil 1 oil and Purolator Pure One oil filter. After reading here I switched to Pennzoil Platinum oil and Mobil One filter.
I went from Amsoil 0w30 with their filters to Wix and M1. Not due to quality but due to cost and I was running the Amsoil WAY too long IMO.
BITOG has made a huge difference in my oil use. Did an Auto-Rx treatment and now use Lubro Moly oil at 10K mile interval. Before, I use Royal Purple for 10K and never did a UOA. An analysis revealed the oil won't safely do 10K miles, oops, now I know. Lubro Moly is an excellent oil, 0w40HD I mean. More folks should really give it a try. Not hard to find, on the internet that is.
I would have never used GC, or PP if it were not for BITOG. BITOG has saved my life, or should I say, my cars life. I would probably be still using whatever synthetic I was talked into by the Autozone clerk. And, I was only using it for 3k OCI's, synthetic. Oh yeah, and I used to think Fram made a good filter [Eek!] . Now I use Denso filters in my Toyota, and Mann filters in my VW.
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