Gone to the Dark Side with Supertech

I agree that there's nothing wrong with ST. I had gone back and forth on using ST vs name brand oils for quite a while but when I finally made up my mind I bought a 12 quart box of ST FS 0w20 and didn't look back.
A UOA with a TBN in the Spring will be the proof I need to ascertain that I will use ST long term.
I think a worst case scenario with it would be that I change the oil 2x a year vs 1x but I'm willing to bet it would hold up well for a full year at about 4,400 miles per year.
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I don't think you'll have any problems running ST syn. ...it's a good oil at a great price.
I thought that I once read on this site that there is no difference between ST syn. and ST HM syn.
Am I correct in this?
From memory, they have the same add pack, the conventional (really a blend but the bottle says conventional) may have the same additives too. FWIW- My ST syn burns off a lot slower than VWB, but that's probably to be expected.


ST is an awesome oil and I prefer it. Not because of price, but because of UOA results. If a "Big Name" make you feel better.... then by all means... ST is awesome.
A big name does because if nobody supports those companies - nothing will move forward if there’s only blenders
It’s like comparing a car company to a mechanic shop … Did we get GTL from blenders ?
Also superior UOA is lost on me … buy cheap oil that’s same (minimum) spec … and spend the savings on UOA ?


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I went to the darkside this year with O'Reilly's 5W30 syn (on sale of course). No complaints, my V6 seems just as happy as it did with syn from: Valvoline, Castrol and QS.
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M1 HM 5/30 is definitely heavy for a 30.....11.9 at 100°C
The LS motors like a heavier 30wt.

OP: The oil pump on an LS is on the snout of the crank. You don't have to drop the pan, although you do have to remove the front accessories. Have you considered changing it? The low pressure could be that your pump is just worn internally. You could replace it with a Melling high volume pump. Then if you find an oil that resists consumption better than VML, keep motoring on indefinitely.
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The ST full synthetic and the HM version are robust DEXOS certified oils. It is my standard oil change package oil and I use a lot of it.

Verify you are using the FULL synthetic version and not the standard HM oil. I would use the FULL syn in your camaro it is about $15 a jug.
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