Go to funeral or not?

I went to the funeral and all went well. The ex-son-in-law thanked me for showing up too. Said it was much appreciated.
Not like we are strangers, we both go to Granddaughter's softball games, so we see each other now and then.

It was a military funeral with shooting of the guns. Granddaughter and her 3 little Brothers were all presented with the fired blank casings. They all loved that and it was touching.

Hillbilly: I'm retired and have never associated with marketing or HR. Why would you even ask that in this thread?:rolleyes:
Good on ya! That was the right thing to do, and you had one chance to do it.
I go to funerals for people i have worked with. It might be a brother ,father , mother. Granddaughter your going for her and no one else to show her you care. She might realize it now but hopefully she will one day. Stay a hour feel uncomfortable sign the book leave you made the effort.